• annaReese

    BERRY! Best way to start my day. 2 cups of MC. Boom. Done.

  • annabanana

    ANOTHER morning coffee?! this just made my day. yay to mystery misc!

  • bug_

    Wouldn't even recognize them in public…#38

    • Mee

      Rosie looks like she's going to cry in the no make up photo…

  • berrylove

    #25 story of my life #38 life just isint fair

    • Cas

      Right? It's better than how I'd look without makeup…

  • Maberham

    #34 Bitch, you wrote on my face….

  • Seldi84

    #29 I actually do that.
    #37 Yep, He's sitting on my bookcase, looking at me as we speak. Along with my Snarf & Snoopy.

  • BERRYnice

    So glad I clicked on Misc. today!

    • Anonymous


  • soda pop

    #19….lmao…..that is awesome.

  • LunaLVGood

    More Gaspard please

  • VampJenn

    #25 ugh this shit pisses me off in movies. like they wake up with perfectly tousled hair and fake lashes still on. what the hell

    • ije

      I know right. Then they roll over speak directly in the face of or God forbid kiss the person they're next to. I'm like never on earth can this happen in real life. Messy hair, eye gunk, and morning breath will never allow that type of BS.

  • Kimmy

    #21 UGH!!!
    #38 Yeah but they wake up with awesome bods!

  • McAwesome


    Ahhhh…natural beauty in rare form!!

  • Sean

    #34 That's one of the million reasons I love her! p.s. Thanks for posting our pic last week😀
    #37 Yep, in my sock drawer, but on top, in the back, so he can breathe….

  • Faraday

    #29 Yes. Yes i do.

  • Lili

    i still sleep with my teddy and Im 22:)

  • Winnie

    #20 I watch this clip when I'm feeling down.

  • Karri

    #29 is me to a T!!! When I saw that I lol'ed so hard. I love it and will now be stealing for my own and putting it on my computer background. Thank you Berry ladies.

  • Katie

    #34 WHY would you write on his face? poor guy…

  • misschris

    #21 Not that I care about her and want to "defend" her or her much-too-made-up face or anything, but… this means nothing. I look much better now that I'm 28 than I ever did in my late teens and early 20's. You just learn over time what really makes you look good (hair, make-up, clothes, posture, attitude…etc). It sends kind of a shitty message that because someone looks better when they're older, they must have surgically altered their face. I would hope to keep getting better with age. :-)

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