• girlygirl

    #1 i would love to fly that way

    • Butterball

      That's Singapore Airline's business class, you should see their first class suites. AMAZING.

    • Butterball

      Oh did I mention they give you a Givenchy toiletries bag even if you fly economy?
      Of course the business class and first class bags are a lot better (Comes with cologne!)

  • Nath


    • PattyG

      i have thse. very commfy

  • KellsBells

    #22 spoken like a true shallow c*nt.

    • tomato

      i agree- very shallow… but as a woman i am offended that you, a fellow woman, would use that word

  • RatedR401

    #17 and #20 – drool worthy!!!

  • Butterball

    Hey Berry, how about a Hermes edition?

  • MShore

    Since when are Steve Madden and Guess high end?

    • the other OTHER Jen

      i was thinking the same thing.

  • brbygal

    AWW i remember my coach phase.

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