Love is louder (13 photos)


Love is louder: A movement of people here to say that love is louder than any voice that causes pain or brings you down.


Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • incaunipocrit

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  • Seldi84

    #4 He was awesome in Veronica Mars….. I miss that show.

    • bubblerider86

      Me too!! so i recently bought all three seasons….it is still just as awesome!

    • Ligia

      Hi, I am Kathrine from Orlando. I would ssguegt PonyPhoto. It works perfect on my Samsung Focus. I’m just curious why Pony is not on the list, it’s so cool, I love it.

  • Elisa Henderson Briceño

    says the celebrities that look perfect…

    • Haleah

      After sitting in a make-up chair for five hours, lol. The message is true, just not coming from them.

  • Underbaker

    So how about coming up with some of our own…
    Louder then the char I put on the steaks last night.

    • Underbaker

      Guess I suck at being a cheerleader. Hope love is louder then that.

  • Leonel_LyL


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