• tomato

    #1 I have a scarf and hat very similar to that. I don't want to be twinsies with my boyfriend!

  • Mee

    #20 Jamie Dornan!!! A post on him pretty pretty please?!❤

  • Guest

    So you want a douchebag, preppie for a boyfriend?

  • blondie

    Love love love it all!

  • Ander

    #1 He looks like he's about to trek across the Gobi Desert and there's a chance of sandstorms.

  • Tim

    #6 #13 No no no

    • Underbaker

      Thank God. I only look at these posts to try and get an Idea of what my wife might like me to wear.

    • fed

      #13 i give you, the executive hipster lumberjack!

  • Charly

    This is getting a little silly. No one actually wants their boyfriends to dress like a gay man. Not to mention, I know numerous gay men that would never even wear this crap. Sorry, but Alex needs to be banned from making this gallery. Its getting sad at this point.

    • tomato

      How about a reader submission for Stuff I'd Want my Boyfriend to Wear??

    • rocklesson86

      You shouldn't say no one. I wouldn't mind a guy dressing like this. Come to Austin, Texas and you will see guys wearing these kind of clothes.

      • Andy

        This is true. I've been to several parts of Texas. Its like Jersey. They wear and do all the things that everyone else in the rest of the country wouldn't wear or do.

        • rocklesson86

          Thank you. It is nice to finally see someone agree with me.

          • Andy

            Oh… you thought I meant that in a positive way… Interesting.

            • rocklesson86

              Oh OK. Whatever.

              • carla

                me too!!!

  • Art

    Really? With the exception of maybe #1 #6 #13 and #14 I would wear most of these if i could afford them.

  • Jess

    I can't hear anything you say when you wear that sweater, Schmidt. You open your mouth and all I hear is "Cardigan, cardigan" – New Girl

  • Anonymous

    OHMYGOD who is he, by far the hottest guy ive seen in a LONG time.

  • Fly ass Gangster

    You don't have a bad eye. Iys not a great eye but you could do worse. Some of the combinations smack of too much effort but your grasp of patterns is great. The cut of these clothes esp the suits needs work. Solid B+

  • JOHN flyassgangster

    the guys ragging on the wonder of aesthetic must have a general distaste for pussy. I change my vote to B- cargo pants and Drake? C'mon

  • rocklesson86

    I like this post. I wouldn't mind if I had boyfriend who dressed in these clothes. Not everyone finds this appealing, but I do.

  • rocklesson86

    You guys do realize that there some parts of the Untied States were guys actually do dress this way.

  • carla

    me too

    • rocklesson86

      Who are you?

      • carla

        who, me too?

  • carla

    me too!

  • emeliee45

    Go to Sweden and you'll see alot of guys dressed like this!

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