• Ali

    I would be goin to my lawyers office and filing for annulment the very next day.

    • Sara

      You're just jealous because you probably don't have anyone in your life that would do something that awesome for you

  • KellsBells


  • Mandy

    Why Justin Beaver Eww But That is sweet!!

  • Vismaya

    You Sir, are such a dork. You can critique them all you like that’s up to you. Just rmbmeeer that, that privilege is open to you due to the sacrifices brought by men and women just like the crew of HMS Ocean. These boys and girls have been away from home for 7 months, although the your was to have been only 7 seeks.Do you really think they care a tinker’s cuss for your critique? This video is made in jest to cheer those at home waiting patiently for their safe return.Personally, I found it amusing. Thank you, crew of HMS Ocean, for the laughs. Save passage home.

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