• ThatGirlHere

    #18 Yum!

  • theforgottenart

    #7 is Justin Timberlake wearing 2 pairs of trousers/pants?!

  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    Forever in my heart.
    And if anyone comes to me whining about my love for boy bands… well, they are going to get their sorry asses kicked.

    • bubblerider86

      I am not ashamed to say that I too will forever have a place in my heart for the boy bands of the past…(i even have some on my iPod):)

      • stevenfbrackett

        Third –

        I was shocked there was no Backstreet Boys – always far cuter and far better singers than the others of the round of boybandimonium.

        On what planet were John Stewart and Jeremy Piven ever of any interest to a teen?

  • Catence

    What a look back. Amazing.

  • bubblerider86

    overall seems like 1999 was a good year!! I miss teen heart-throbs and those pull out posters that came in EVERY magazine ever!!!

  • Lisa

    #11 wow i'm pretty sure i had that EXACT magazine page hanging on my wall in middle school

    • Samantha Kristal

      He's so dreamy❤

      Yes, I said dreamy.

  • aimee

    #14 love of my life hands down

  • mskris

    #13 Oh, Shawn Hunter, making me want the bad boy at such an early age….. swoon❤

    • stevenfbrackett

      I was never a fan – but never minded him either when he showed up in something. And yet, I read his twitter feed nearly everyday. (@onthestorm)

  • TheTamara

    #11 what ever happened to barry watson?

    • Jessica

      Was he not in 'Samantha Who'??

    • wen

      That's exactly what I asked myself when I saw him LOL

  • GingerLounge

    #14 – I thought I was going to marry him
    #21 – I wish I was going to marry him still…

  • Kelly

    Wow, I am pretty positive I read pretty much all of the magazine issues that these pictures came from!

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  • Courtney

    #22 Could that picture be any weirder?

  • sam

    you guys left out backstreet boys! super sad day =(

  • Kimmy

    #7 Douche Alert!!!

  • itsashleybro

    Maybe he wan't cool anymore by '99, but I had twenty posters of JTT on my wall a couple years before that. He, Devon Sawa, and Andrew Keegan were my future husbands.

  • jceleste

    Lucky #13

    I loved me some Andrew Keegan!!!

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  • laken

    Is it sad that I can say I have seen most of these magazines? 😦 Its a sad day when you realize you're getting old!

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