• B.elle

    AWESOME POST! I think my ovaries just burst from all the hotness…

    Especially #1, #16, #21 and #25!

  • Mee

    I'm loving all the Jamie Dornan lately #1 !!!!! ….Chris Pine is always welcome too! #16❤

  • Emma

    #28 Who is this gorgeous footballer?

    • ange

      yoann gourcuff:)

      • mcs

        I was studying abroad in France when he got really famous… my host mom tried to convince me that we were perfect for each other (purely due to our closeness in age). But in all seriousness, he is one fiiiiiineeee-looking man.

  • Maribell

    #1 I was so upset that they killed him off Once Upon a Time😦

  • acloudypanda

    I will take one of each please.

  • tomato

    #7 henry cavill is so gorgeous

    • Mee

      That man is handsome but I'm pretty sure it's not Henry Cavill…

      • tomato

        really? looks an awful lot like him! (scroll through the pictures on the imdb link you posted) otherwise this guy could be a perfect doppelganger

        • 1324

          #25 is henry cavill

  • BritBerrier

    how does black tie count as scruffy? this post should be "bearded men"
    not that i'm complaining😀
    #15 drrrooool

    • Sarah

      They're not SCRUFFY as in scraggly and unkempt, they HAVE scruff… a 5-o-clock shadow, the beginnings of a (well-maintained) beard. In this case, there's a difference. And yeah, #15 is nice. =) So is Chris Pine, #16, and you gotta, Gotta, GOTTA love Denzel, #27!!

      • Sarah

        … And now I worry that's not Denzel. *sigh* It looks like him until I post and then I get worried. Well he's good looking regardless, but I hope it's Denzel so that I don't look like an idiot. But all that's out the window now that I've posted my doubts too.

  • ExLondonerin

    Men with scruff are just sooo good to look at – but I hate kissing them, I always end up with a "beard rash"😦

  • http://noneexistsyaknow.wordpress.com stevenfbrackett


    Grow out your beard or don’t. “Creative shaving” NEVER looks anything but foolish.

    # 32


    Is there no Tebow-free zone left anywhere??

    • Karri

      I have to agree about # 32, I really don't think he's that good looking at all.

  • Miriah

    Love love love facial hair!!!! It makes the man. Yuuuummmmm

  • Aria

    Who is #7

  • aciekay

    #7 #19 #25 neeeeeeeeeeeeed!

  • jenndawl

    Add a 5 o'clock shadow to any guy and suddenly he is completely bangable. Add a 5 o'clock shadow to an already stunningly beautiful man and BANG suddenly I am pregnant! #4 #5 #7

  • Meow Meow

    Wow! Who is #20?

    • Meow Meow

      I mean #21

      • B.elle

        THAT would be the French gorgeousness Gaspard Ulliel!

  • Jules

    I got to #2 and I swear I made a sex sound. Good freakin Job BERRY!!!! Also #10, #15, #20, #22, and #23 are incredibly gorgeous!!

  • ange

    #28 moar!

  • Hope

    #29 dammmn



  • Loné Botha

    Berry……… Y no Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp?

  • Nath

    Me gusta o_o
    #5 #18 #21

  • KelGreen

    Scruff = great, full beard not so much

  • Olive

    Best Berry hot men EVER

  • rocklesson86

    I love the scruff, but hate the beard. These guys are hot.

    • carla

      me too

  • mcs

    I love all of them. Seriously, ALL of them.

  • Amie

    Good job Berry! Props for #2 and #32, but where is Garrett Hedlund???

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