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  • http://www.facebook.com/cheezbrgertreez Jordan BamSham Couick

    Celebs without photoshop: still better looking than most of us can ever hope to be.

  • BritBerrier

    #4 yum yum yum! tall, funny, bearded, and in the Muppets movie. marry me!?

  • Kimmy

    #12 Douche…

  • ydodonutshave2die

    #16 and MLK lol

  • vesper003

    #4, love Jason Segel!!! he's so awesome

  • https://www.facebook.com/FashionYeSelfAJollyRoger Karen Clancy

    #13 LMAO, I thought that was The Rock.

    • SwingoutScott

      Yeah. He's not looking so fat these days. Guess he learned a lesson from Big Pun.

  • mimi

    #10 find that dress on the left:)

  • SwingoutScott

    #15. I. LOVE. THIS. WOMAN.

  • SwingoutScott

    Cutesy "look at me, I need fame" posing on the left.
    Earnest talent, beauty and a killer smile on the right.

    • Natalie K.

      I actually think it's quite the opposite.

      • SwingoutScott

        Part 1 of 2
        First, thanks for commenting vice slamming.
        Second, With respect to Lea Michelle, I know she plays a fame obsessed compulsive shrew on Glee, but that's her character not her. Her ability to convincingly do it is why I like her. Additionally, I had the privledge of seeing "Spring Awakening" and she brought me to tears. Yes, I'm a theater fan, but she is someone special.

        • SwingoutScott

          Part 2 of 2
          With respect to Zooey, she doesn't convincing do (almost) anything for me. It's all kitsch. I loved her in Almost Famous. the POV shot was genius and it spoke to my nerdy self. I wish I had had a sister that helped me discover myself even if it was only be her legacy after abandonment. She was moderately acceptable in Yes Man. Nothing else I've seen makes me like her. I own 500 days of Summer (because of JGL – I'll buy/watch anything he is in after seeing Brick). I couldn't finish it because of her character. I've tried Tin Man, Hitchiker's Guide, and Failure to Launch. All were blah. I tried a few episodes of "The New Girl". Even my girlfriend hates it. She said that Zooey acts like a bad child actor in an adult body. She seems to play the same cloying "I'm quirky and so obviously trying to be sweet."
          So what is the appeal to her? And can you recommend anything that might change my/our mind(s)?

          • yourmom

            You're a guy posting on the berry, about why Lea Michele is better than Zooey D. It doesn't matter what your opinion is. You lost no matter what.

            • Natalie K.

              I agree with yourmom (haha). I think I am a good person to comment on this because, like you, I used to dislike Zooey. Then I started watching New Girl and re-watched (500) Days of Summer and changed my mind. She really is a good actress. Her mannerisms are adorable, yes, but she's got a lot more to her than that. She's just really believable. That's mostly why I like her now…because I don't see any fake-ness about her. Obviously, you see quite the opposite, and that's fine. On the other hand, I see Lea Michelle as completely fake. That's just my opinion. Zooey has a gorgeous, genuine smile…and Lea always looks like she's forcing a smile. This comes from someone who has only seen one episode of Glee, however. Even on the red carpet, though…she looks so fake and predictable every time. Even Sarah Hyland semi-infamously made fun of Lea Michelle's ways…but I digress. Anyway, everyone has a different opinion, but I don't think Zooey's huge following is undeserved. She is a cute and great actress. And about the things I recommend you watch her in, I personally loved her in Weeds, Elf, and Our Idiot Brother.

              • SwingoutScott

                Cool. Thanks, And btw, I'm on Theberry because
                1. I really enjoy the site.
                2. This is the only RESIGnation site that I can access from work. I'm going through Chive-withdrawl.

  • Abbey

    # 13. Fat Joe looks really fit and healthy, good for him.
    p.s. Go away Kardashains , everyone is sick of you !!!

    • Abbey


  • beegirl

    #11 Was that really necessary, exact opposite of Classy. ugh.

    • Wen

      May not be classybut it's still a beautiful dress

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=555460032 Celia Oline Vestrup Astradsson

        I agree! Loooove the dress!

  • Bored

    #13 you bitches are irrelevant, just sayin.

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