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  • Seldi84

    #3 I'm a man, i love cats. My cat was even in the cute pets post.
    #9 #10 Think Geek has all the coolest stuff.

  • Nath


  • MsAnonymous

    #2 scream: "GET A ROOM"
    #37 I am a jedi like my father before me

  • canuk


    • sidekickk

      I second that!!! #39 God, I miss Lost..

      • mali_sapun

        are you lost without lost? sorry, bad joke, I know😀

        • Alef

          It must be nice to receive such great cuosmter service for your mixer. I wish I could receive the same for the 3 major appliances I purchased. It seems that I must be getting the wrong cuosmter service representative. The slide in range I ordered has been delivered to my home 4 times and counting with damage and all they can say is sorry, how about another ma’am. That and their delivery co. Quality Whirlpool Express seems to think the whole situation is a big joke at my expense, their staff laughing and making comments about my situation while I am on the phone with their supposed manager. If I hadn’t already installed the dishwasher I would return it, the range, and the micro-hood I ordered within the last 2 months and purchase another brand. I just hope that when, or should I say if I can get a range here without damage; I don’t have any problems with it once installed. I don’t think it will fit in one of their return envelopes, and their certainly not offering me anything for my trouble.

    • Chinkaji

      Francois, first off, thanks for your conmemt. I’m not sure we deserve any kudos yet or perhaps that’s just superstition on my part, holding my breath to see if the world really maybe can become a better place next week. But I know my life has been made better, both by the connections I’ve made out here in bloggerland and by the at least partial satisfaction of my desperate need to communicate some small subset of the chaos in my brain. I needed to make something. I needed it to be made of words. And I needed SOMEBODY to read it. And all of this the technotinkering, the new friends and colleagues, and the ability to publish small snippets of thought and then let them go drifting on toward their inevitable obsolescence all of this has made my world better.There’s a milestone in all of this, as well, which is what’s making me take a turn toward the elegiac: your conmemt, Francois, is number 1000. So yes: let a million fishbowls bloom, and let a thousand conversations begin therein.Thanks. To all of you.

  • me2

    #3 They may love cats, but they wouldn't wear that shirt.

    • Emma

      my thoughts exactly

  • A323

    #3 Disgust

  • Miriah

    #3 Hell yes to men who love cats, hell no to that shirt. Everyone likes dogs, it takes a very special, sweet man to love cats:)

  • @JessicaSchor

    #3 i'm highly allergic to cats, and i really don't like them anyways. but my best guy friend is a "kitten foster parent", who receives kittens from shelters and takes care of them until they're healthy enough to go to forever homes. it's pretty much the most adorable thing ever (and best pickup line).

    • Cat

      He's lucky that he can give them back! lol our vet asked us to "foster" a few kittens over a weekend. They're about 7 years old now. xD

      • cowabunga

        im laughed so hard tears were flowing. thanks for the laugh and thanks for being a good person

      • CapnMFingPlanet

        lost kittens seem to have some sort of strange attraction to me. I find one almost every winter when it starts getting too cold. ive found all of them homes, but i love my cat. I am allergic btw, its only the dander that bothers me. Its really no big deal unless there's a thunderstorm or shes stressed.

  • tomato

    #16 just made my day. Bascom Hall at UW-Madison. and yeah…50 degrees in the spring time and the students will be in shorts.

    • DoWopper

      Oh, it's been colder than -40 for over a week here in Fairbanks. Some of the crazies here would put all of you to shame.

  • Paige

    #30 is hysterical and #37 is just amazing

  • mcs


    I really wanna snuggle with #17:)

    • Ellington3

      Yes to both!
      And is #17 Viggo Mortenson?

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      there are a ton of us lol, they should do another hmotb and their pets😀

  • JessieBelle

    Real men don't wax thier eyebrows or neatly trim thier facial hair. #3

  • Brandy Valdez

    Berrrrry! You featured my LV Bday cake! I love you for sharing it!:) xoxo

  • Katie

    #36 Yes!!!

  • LunaLVGood

    I got such a flutter in my tummy when I saw #34 as they are friends of mine, beautiful couple

  • Sarah

    Where is #18 from? It looks so familiar and is killing me!

    • jay

      Is it the movie where Lindsey Lohan switches places with Jamie Lee Curtis?

  • SwingoutScott

    #15. It would be perfect if I could substitute Kitty Snuggles with Puppy Snuggles.
    Kitties don't snuggle. They steal body heat.
    And I have a puppy.

  • Ije

    #16 is so true. It's literally 2 degrees in Wisconsin right now (when i say literally I mean it) and i envy those truly warm states.

  • srhchlsn

    #17 Glad to know I'm not the only Viggo girl! Beautiful soul.

  • KelGreen

    Did #22 for my sister's bachelorette party, she loved them

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