It’s a girl thing (29 photos)


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Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of theBERRY, loves to travel, embraces awkward moments, and appreciates anything that has to do female empowerment. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • jenny3

    #29 holy beautiful

  • sandra983

    #14 love that color… makes me excited for spring!

  • mskris

    #22 I love those book marks!!

  • MsAnonymous

    #23 I like her pink shades

  • Jessica

    #29 That is absolutely stunning!

  • katie

    #14 is that how we paint our nails?! #17 Too cute.

  • berry girl

    #29 I would get married all over again just to wear this dress! And of course, to the same guy ;)

  • jenndawl

    #26 I want to go there

  • Emma

    where are those beautiful cups from??

    • Sora

      The Disney Store had a Princess Couture collection with dolls, mugs, and notecards. I don't think you can get them anymore, though. :-(

  • Haley

    #2 can i have you?

  • Kayla

    what's #17 from?

  • cursos a distancia gratis

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