Mystery Misc. (29 photos)


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  • tomato

    #22 WOW! that looks great.

  • Susan

    Talented bunch. These are all great. I especially like #2 #14 and #16

  • jenny3

    #14 great idea

  • Laura

    "Crafty Side" posts are my favorite!

  • berrylove

    #14 #18 #25 want to make ALL!!!!

  • Hope Crinklaw

    #20and#23 pretty awesome

  • jjjkkk

    #12 the part of Michigan where I live is cut off :(

  • jjjkkk

    oopts meant #13

  • Karri

    I love love love #12. Totally plan on doing it tomorrow. :D

  • Sora

    #20 – Awesome! She should get a shop on Etsy.

    #23 – OMG. I want that for my someday children.

  • Poe

    It’s funny because most of these are Hondas and Acuras. I toaltly hate them. Especially their racer-wannabe owners. The only good thing that came out of Honda are the NSX and S2000.

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