• MOEGottisgirl

    Can we trade wardrobes and call it even?

  • Susan

    She is so beautiful.

  • misschris

    Oh my goodness, I love every one of her outfits! She is such a pretty pretty princess. So chic and stylish. :-)

  • Kimmy

    #16 So pretty!

  • kathy

    I❤ kate middleton!

  • Judy Holiday

    the Palace could not have found one of their so called blue bloods that could compete with Kate.She is so beautiful and just a class act.Well done Wills your mother would have been proud of you for marrying for love and lineage.

  • Karen

    She needs to eat a cheeseburger! But yeah, beautiful wardrobe.:)

    • Lisa

      I said the exact same thing before I even read this comment:) She's beautiful and I want to raid her closet, but yeah EAT SOMETHING please.

    • katie

      I mean this in this nicest way possible but when someone needs to gain weight, they shouldn't eat a cheeseburger, they should eat healthy food and gain muscle. (I know you didn't mean it literally but I'm bored)

  • jenndawl

    I love that her style is so simple. Anyone could emulate her style. She is someone little girls can look up to!

  • Candice

    Her name isn't Kate Middleton anymore! She's married!

  • Lisa

    I'm sure the insane amount of stress she is under is really difficult, but damn someone give girlfriend a big old hamburger.

  • meeee

    shes gorgeous….but homegirl needs to put on like 10 pounds and then she'll be perfection.

  • John Milton

    A class act, she is.

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