Vote for your favorite to win a MEGA post tomorrow (17 photos)

You Choose! Which singer is going to be the biggest hit this year? The celeb that wins with the most votes will be featured with a MEGA post tomorrow! Simply put the number sign and number for your favorite (ie. #3). Let the votes begin....

Click HERE to find out what celebs have in common!

  • waltgator


  • Sam


  • jazz

    Beyonce duh!

  • Necole


  • B's Number one fan!

    My Girl #11 Beyonce!

  • Jaye

    Queen B! (eyonce)

  • Hillary

    hands down #11

  • Gina


  • Tee

    BEYONCE !!!

  • Mal


  • valerie


  • Lauren

    #3 #7 and why is #10 even on here??? aren't her 15 mins up already? damn she's been around since I was 13..and I'm 24 now.

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