• tcja4

    #10. If a camera adds ten pounds, this woman is going to get blown away in the next breeze.

  • tomato

    #15 not flattering shorts
    #16 are those someone's real legs??
    #23 i want that bag!

  • Cait

    #10 is way too skinny. Her legs are freaking me out. Ew.

  • Alix

    #15 is getting swallowed by her shorts…

    • Cas

      Agreed. It looks horrible.

  • Hope

    Where can I buy #16??

  • tomato

    Ripdog- it looks like a Barbie doll!:)

  • Oluap

    Great werk Dave, fantastic shots and I agree taken in one of the most piurctesque and stunning surroundings.The photos definitely look alive, almost 3D.Helluva great looking family to boot.Nice job kids .Myles

  • jill

    Where can I get these shoes?????

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