Total TATTOO tragedy (31 photos)


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  • Linda

    Haha, awesome! :D

    • Haleah

      Lol, very clever. I wouldn't get it tattoo'd on me, but if it were on a t-shirt or something, I would wear it lol

  • Seldi84

    #18 Is disturbing.
    #26 It took me 3 times saying it out loud to get the joke.

  • CeigeJay

    I can't even choose the right words for how awful these are >_<

  • jenndawl

    #30 awwwww I didn't know cupcakes were unicorn seamen!!!!

    • sethyrogan

      seamen? ummmmm, did u mean semen?

  • Beena Dorgan

    This makes me cry cos it's soooo bad…. :(

  • Susan

    #21 Had to wipe the coffee off the monitor…. ha ha ha ha

  • @DanaShades

    It doesn't matter why you tattoo a face on the back of your head, it'll still always be Voldemort.

  • TiaP

    I can look at each one of my many tattoos and relive a fantastic time in my life. I love it.
    SOME of these people can look at theirs and say "remember the time I gave up on life and tattooed my face?" or "Hey, I don't remember when I got this tat cause I was clearly drunk."

    A tat is forever, in most cases, think it through. :)

  • mali_sapun

    my eyes are burning.
    #18 looks like it's from some horror movie

  • socalmarti

    Until this post, I had no idea unicorns jizzed cupcakes. Thanks Berry now I know.

  • tomato

    #14 #18 #27 (nice grammar)… and ALL of them why do people think these are good ideas???

  • Shar11

    wow whats wrong with some people???

  • Ricardo

    #9 was alright

  • MoonManMin

    none of these people will ever get jobs that aren't shit. EVER

  • Andy Valentine

    #24 – I think this one is quite clever actually.

    • Doda

      I don't get it, why is that clever?

  • OhDannyBoy

    #27 Shouldn't it be "Jealousy's the ugliest trait"?

    • ksaur

      No, the apostrophe implies possession. It would just be "jealousy is.."

      • sehtyrogoek

        You are correct Ksaur! ding ding ding, give Ksaur his or her props!

      • tomato

        apostrophe also implies a contraction so, OhDannyBoy is most certainly correct

  • McAwesome


    I've got $20 that says his profession is a well rounded/well respected professor.

    • socalmarti

      And that sir is why your name is McAwesome.

      • McAwesome

        Hahaha! Thank you, I am a girl though! Hahaha! Still funny though

  • P90

    #28 Hah, I see what you did there.

  • Craig

    #13 At least its representing my hometown! Go Carthage Tigers!

  • Veronica

    #19 and #24 are actually quite clever. and i don't get the one with the carrot and donut and eye…

    • Lina G

      #19 South and West are swaped = very wrong, besides the different sizes,,,

      • Really

        South, West and East are in the wrong positions

      • MatildaMonkey

        not to mention it's a poorly done tattoo

  • Abbey

    WOW… All of these tatoo's are hideous !!!

  • hardcore

    I think that some of these tattoos are horrible. Others are very nicely done and are awesome

  • KelGreen

    Really? Cmon…

  • Franklin1138

    Man…I lost track of where I was half way through and thought I was in Friday's Dopamine Dump…

  • TitoRigatoni

    #13 '56 Chevy FTW!

  • Marla

    a bunch of these were actually very well done even if the idea was unusual

  • nikki

    alot of these are silly… but alot are also very nicely done. the jesus cartoon has amazing color and that hannible lector is damn near perfect. even the "fuck off" and mcdonalds ones are beautifully done. not that id get any of them, but thats why i like them even more… no one else is gonna have the same tattoos. its nice to see some originality

  • rainwulf

    #31 is the only win.

  • 15436

    is actually a hilarious german comic character, one of the best tattoos ever!

  • ATouchofInsanity

    #31 – Zoidberg! Full of win!

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