• Rian

    Ugh, I really wish you guys would stop putting pictures of my house online.

  • Heather

    #21 – Is that Savannah? Love that place!! #31 – AMAZING view!!!

  • Sally

    These posts are my favorite!

  • misschris

    I fell in love with #12 and #27 *sigh* One day… 😀

  • Tabi

    i need to have #4 it's a must now

  • Ray

    In england, a greolwr is a term for an unshorn vagina . AKA a welcome mat. Just think of owning one over there. “What you doing Susan?””Oh, just waxing my greolwr!”OR”My, your Growler is quite dirty” They made a big point of it on Top Gear UK in Series 17 I think.

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