Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (72 photos)


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  • Anonymous

    #4 I live in arlington! maybe you’re not looking hard enough for a chivette :)

  • Hope Crinklaw

    #48 and #59 mmmhm

  • Peeds

    #46 and #70, WOW!!! But really, ALL the HMOB are WOW's!!! Love all the smiles <3 <3 <3

  • Peeds

    #11, #12 and #13, I agree with my sister, keep you the good work. You are all great looking men, both before and after <3

  • RubyTwosDays

    I laughed thinking about how awkward it would be if someone walked in on #20 taking that picture, ass cheeks and all.

  • Michelle Joyce

    ooohhh number 40… ooh la la
    Where oh where are you hiding

  • Michelle

    Mmmm, Fridays are my favouriteee :)

  • CC1205

    #2 RTR!!!

  • BounceAround

    MMmm #40, that perfect row of teeth, manly scruff on your face, AND lovely tattoo on your forearm make you a delicious man.

  • GGG

    #33 definitely made me hyperventilate a bit'

  • lewoo3

    Really think the Berry sisters need to categorise by country or city. I need to know which of these FINE men are in my area! <3

  • jennyandthejets

    #54 !!! find him!

  • Nicki Baughman

    #62 Delish

  • thatgirl

    #7 please and thank you!

  • chelsea

    #17 by far the sexiest.

  • Sarah

    #69 LOL you're funny. I like you. I'm loving the Vader Phone cover and apron! =)

    • Sarah

      And a very (in)conveniently-placed theBERRY logo!

  • kel

    #72 umm…… yes please.

  • jasmine

    #27, are you from washington? you look like you are.. :)

    #65 ohhhlala glasses

  • lizzeh

    #27, the world needs more guys like you. :)

  • Yun

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