• CeigeJay

    mmm very nice today Berry

  • Katie

    #4 #19 #23 That was just what I needed, let me point out a few of my favorites:)

  • red daisy

    I love shirtless fridays.

    • mcs

      You should probably amend that to "I love Fridays" because we get a shirtless Friday post AND HMOTB!!

  • Shar11

    #28 wow your body is amazing if you were here in my office i would sleep with you in a heart beat! you have made my friday❤

  • Mee

    #24 Yes. just……… yes.

  • misschris

    #17 Woah. That is all..

  • Annonymouse


    Hello. I have an office door that locks. You should come for a meeting…………

  • Balorati

    #2 Oh my…I do believe that boy is naked!

    • rocklesson86

      Oh yes he is. Hot dam!!!

    • redsam

      He has such a baby face, I felt funny looking at him. Give me a man-looking man, anyway, lol!

  • beauty&braids

    #17 something about him..

  • mandy

    19 i miss him on Days of our lives and 17 ill see you soon on trueblood

  • the other OTHER Jen

    #16, if i woke up next to that, i wouldnt wake him, i would just stare…creepy, i know. and then i would jump on his ass!

  • Sophie

    Where are all the masculine looking fellas? You need more guys who fit in somewhere in between those with manicured eyebrows and full on beards.

  • Jules

    Is anyone else sick of seeing manpubes???

  • mcs

    why hellooo #6

  • eman


    • Madi

      Is that Jared Leto from 30 seconds to Mars?

  • breloli

    #1 thanks for the much-needed public service😉

  • rocklesson86

    Most of these are really hot. I really love number 2, 18-20. I miss my Shimi.

    • carla

      me too!

  • KelGreen

    #9 is pretty dreamy

  • Antionette

    #23 doesn't look like he's posing for a woman…….

  • whoops

    #10 did gay porn.

  • jasmine

    #24 hello there, yes, i'll come back to bed.

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