Heidi Klum’s interview before her separation (6 photos)

Heidi Klum had a photo shoot and interview for InStyle UK before her split with him. Some of her interview highlights mention Seal.

On her diet (or lackthereof):
"I'm always cold. I have low blood pressure and get the spins when I stand up – so believe me, I eat. A lot. I have to. Right now, I'm going through a phase of eating badly, because Seal has been away. When he's here, we egg each other on. He works out, he eats better than me, he's really fit – so I have to keep up with them. When he's gone, I develop a popcorn problem."

On being constantly surrounded by bodyguards:
"That's something my husband insists upon; especially when he's away. He says: 'If I can't be there to protect you, I have to have another man who can'. But I do believe if you want to live where the action is, where life moves fast – you have to accept that that's the way it is. You are a dear in headlights. Sure, I'd rather live in Idaho, but I can't drive to the studio from there. Seal and I do have a bottom-line and it's to protect the kids. Our bodyguards are with them today, for example, because we're both working. We don't want the children to be part of this madness. It's bad enough when he and I go anywhere. I don't want to push or put any of this on them. They'll find their own way."

Click HERE to see picture of Heidi and Seal before the split.

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