• VampJenn

    #36 oh well hello there, good lookin!

    • itsashleybro

      Oh, my, yes.

  • Ginger

    Best Berry break of the week!!

  • Mee

    #18 Jamie!!!!!❤❤❤

    • tomato

      he was soooo good (and hot) in once upon a time. I think we need a MEGA post!!

  • tomato

    #9 AMEN

    • justabill

      It didn't. But 15 year old boys buy a lot more girly-magazines than mature, adult males. The supposed "ideal" has been shifted by adolescent hormones. My wife has hips. And a butt. And I freaking love them.

  • Lisa

    #11 damnit why you gotta ruin my childhood like that?

  • MsAnonymous

    #16 #17 you make me hungry again
    and I'm hungry again for #36

  • Maribell


  • bubblerider86

    #9 bottom row = women i love and admire! truly sexy and glamorous!!

  • EHM

    #1 I'll find you, you trolling striped man.

  • Hill

    who is #40?!

    • anna

      yea Berry give us more of #40!!

  • iLoveBerry

    #22 Agreed. With a face/bod like that? It's one of those "don't ask questions" moments.

  • Shar11

    #22 i just about choked on my apple MOARRRRRR

  • Mmm_Ciao

    Believe it or not, my cat actually runs up to me when I get home meows and then rubs against my legs. #33

    • Ellington3

      that is so sweet!:)

  • Rabidcake

    #5 cute but it's true

  • Karri

    when did #36 become so hot? LOL

    • lucy

      I know, right? Like REALLY hot!

  • Abbey

    #9 True statement #22 I wouldn't question it haha

  • Catence

    #7 ain't that the truth

  • LunaSelene

    #36 should be in every post

  • Seldi84

    #1 It took me 25 mins but i finally found the real Wally.
    #9 I don't know but i would have voted against it.
    #38 I'm a little mad you can't buy this on dvd in England.

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  • sit ubu sit

    #5 Sorry mate but you are not a bear , you are a marsupiual..

  • BitchesAintShit

    #9… hypocritical huh ladies, posting men who are toned & cut, not posting men who aren't w/out their shirts…….. that's why it changed

    • majorTOM

      u angry. LOL. U must not B gettin' any. LOL LOL LOL. U must not B cut either. Pffffffttttttttttt

    • Trent

      Yup, was going to say the same thing. When a guy has a gut he's fat and lazy, but a woman is just curvy, or a "real" woman.

      • tomato

        sorry buddy- but those women on the top row are stick thin and not healthy. take a look at the real men of the berry post and you'll see there are plenty of guys on there with shirts on and those without 6 packs.

        • Trent

          Sorry, tomato, but you are completely ignorant. "Stick thin" does not mean you are unhealthy. It means you have a very low percentage of body fat. You know, the same thing that makes a mans biceps, pecs, and abs show up. The original comment was just pointing out how hypocritical woman can be on what is a total double standard. And it doesn't say the berry doesn't post pictures of guys with their shirts on, it says they don't post pictures of fat guys with their shirts off…or fat guys at all.

          • tomato

            Trent- I'm not completely ignorant (I am athletic, eat well, take care of my body, and I know what "healthy" means).

            I just believe there's a difference in the woman on the top row who have had plastic surgery and eating disorders (unhealthy) with the women on the bottom row.
            OK– i've said my piece:)

    • Sarah

      Sort of… but not really. Here's why: The bottom row used to be seen as sexy and now the top row is. What used to be seen as sexy in a man is still what is seen as sexy today.

      However, I do agree with Trent… when a guy has a gut he's fat, but a woman is curvy. But it's the same idea we girls shout about… for instance, when a girl sleeps around she's a slut, but when a guy sleeps around he's a hero or pimp. We ALL need to stop setting double standards.

  • Ives

    #12, Eric was one hot Disney prince.

  • Mmmm

    #9 Homoerotic. More men want to see more women who look more like men!! How else can you explain the appeal of flat stomach, NO HIPS, small tits and why do you think they call it the "ass of a ten year old boy" ? Hahaha this and contact sports and you've made most men's day, yet we're supposed to call them "straight". Please. If you prefer the top row, please just come out already.

    • Chris

      Wow you failed so hard there…. Picking up on a male hating vibe… Just sayin..

      The objects in the top line are products, the lovely ladies in the bottom line are women. Nuff said.

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