• BritBerrier

    #11 i love chandler, but i only like marshall, he's soooo tall!

  • Gracie

    all correct except for #11 barney not marshall is the best of HIMYM

    • eman


  • justine

    Sitcoms are all very similar to one another. By the way #11 is a bit of an overstatement. For some reason I never wanted to date any of the guys on Friends and I know it may seem psychotic to like Barney more than good guys Marshall/Ted but I can't help it. I guess I just love my female characters so it has to be Rachel and Robin for me.

  • Miriah

    I like HIMYM much better…feels more adult in a way, although it is very silly.

  • Kimmy

    Liked Friends, hate HIMYM, Barney creeps me out!

  • Ali

    I always thought the shows resembled each other. But i don't mind their both my favorite shows!

    • KelGreen

      I love both of these so much!

  • star

    #1 Joey is not a womanizer, he doesn't use women on purpose. He is just lovable but dumb.

    #11 Totally agree!!!!!!!

  • rollking

    I think it’s safe to say that in himym there is no BEST ONE all the charachters are awesome, that’s what makes himym better than friends

    • woodygut

      Friends > How I met your Mother. HIMYM should have ended 2-3 seasons ago

  • woodygut

    There are some more: The womanizer dates the love interest of the romantic one (Joey with Rachel; Barney with Robin. Both Ross and Ted date a student…Ross/Chandler and Ted/Marshall were both college roommates.

  • Christy

    I just realised a plot cross over between Friends and How I Met Your Mother! On friends (the one after Joey and Rachel kiss) Mike breaks up with his girlfriend on her birthday day. On How I Met Your Mother (the return of the shirt) Ted goes out with an ex that he dumped on her birthday and then dumps her on her birthday again…. These girls are played by the same actor!!!!

    • Krissy

      You are so right!!!!!

  • rocklesson86

    I loved Friends. Now I might watch HIMYM.

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