• Cas

    #2 The most gaudy thing in existence?

  • jes

    omg where can i get number #18 i always wanted it!

    • kristinsatiable

      Bah! I was thinking the same thing! The whole outfit is just super cute!!

    • coligirl7

      Me too!! We need links!

  • misschris

    #5 #14 #22 Love these! I need links! Or… let the search commence… lol

  • abbey

    #4 In love with this entire outfit:)

  • Blake

    Where can I find these outfits? I'm always stuck with the same 'ole same 'ole and it's time to mix it up!

  • Haley

    #12 and #19

  • Margaret

    Where can I find out where i can buy some of these skirts? Can you add information on what store or website? I would really appreciate it. Thanks hun!

  • pete

    lovely set favourite is 22 pity we didnt see her face but v tempting seeing thru little skirt at her upper thighs leaves u 2 wonder what has she 2 reveal further up

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