• itsashleybro

    What a perfect way to start my Monday.:)

  • hi hi hi

    #33 #34 haha

  • Vaiva

    I could watch #18 all day long :DDD

    • JtotheENN

      It makes me all warm and gooey inside lol

    • Erin

      He has gorgeous eyes… That cat is rather cute too!

  • annaReese

    #14 Milky Way candy bars. I always eat the nougat first and save the caramel for last!
    #3 Random bedroom I don't need but kinda want…

  • Beena Dorgan

    Got to see the surprise randomness, Nutella to celebrate!

  • HGrow

    better than any SNL skit i've ever seen. I love Stuart!!!

  • Crystal

    #5 Doctors should do an extensive study to find out what the fuck is wrong with a person that wears their pants like that AND thinks it's OK? Managers/Owners of places should kick them out for indescent exposure and then kick them so hard in the ass on the way out that their foot would have to be surgically removed. Nothing but THUGS, PUNKS & those firing on ONE BRAIN CELL would wear their pants like that. Thanks to rapcrap music we got this!

  • Ellington3




    Cute Kitty Monday!!! HUZZAH!:)

  • ale

    To bad I can´t see this post in work period…

  • ashbash

    #33 I miss MADtv!!!!

  • MsAnonymous

    #12 cool

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