• Mila

    #20 The Wicked Witch wouldn't have stood a chance…or maybe she would have….

  • ani

    i dont think #29 is photoshop, that's candice and she does have slim waist line

    • Blondame

      but no two feet armpits..

      • Katie

        I think I agree with Ani, that is just the sweater being pulled tight

    • Jules-CO

      She does…. But something still looks wonky with her arms in comparison with the rest of her body. The sweater may be pulled tight but it looks unnaturally round if you look at it from a distance.

    • guest

      she has two of the same arms!

  • http://twitter.com/crazyjayzy @crazyjayzy

    Haha! #3 is something I would do…

  • Nicole

    # 29 is not photoshop.

    • TiaP

      29 is NOT Photoshopped? Her entire left side is skewed. Her armpit is stretched out all the way to her skinny rubbery arm. Seriously, LOOK at her left side… that is def a Photoshop job.. and not a very good one.

      • tlh

        since when is an armpit parallel to boobs? her shirt is stretched out below her armpit. it's not shopped.

  • tomato

    #8 abraham lincoln would never wear that color combination

  • Susan

    #27 I thought … not a photoshop … and then I saw it😀

  • abbey

    #3 i❤ Henry Cavill, I would do that haha. #6 Awesome !!!

  • beauty&braids

    that's cool

  • Katie

    # I am not 100% sold that this is Photoshopped, I see the similarities but idk #4 I feel like could be real, obviously to be funny or something but possibly real non the less

    • Katie


  • Carro

    Ha Ha, the Swedish king and queen riding a train. That´s a random shop.

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