Daily Awww: Cute babies right and left (35 photos)


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  • Ele

    I have no maternal inclinations but #8 why do you melt my black, black heart?

  • Jennifer

    Thank you, Berry ladies, for posting my son on here 3 times! You gals RAWK!!!

  • foowa

    hi arabella!.
    thanks berry

  • Seldi84

    #35 He's a cute baby, I don't think i will ever be as happy as he is in this picture.

  • stephanie

    Thanks for putting my gal in here twice!!!! Love you guys!!

    • Jen

      She looks adorable! :D

  • ***

    # 35 is adorable. made my day :)

  • Christy

    #34 My Trav!! <3 Love him

  • Ellington3

    They are ALL so cute! :)
    I love this post!

  • Post it Chivette

    #4 My nephew! Thank you so much for posting his picture! He's four months now and just as big :)

  • iloveserjtankian

    #35 Oh my God why are you so cute!!!!

  • Katie

    #17 Tooo cute and funny

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