• ashbash

    Aww thats soo sweet and funny!

  • VampJenn

    seriously i love that she has no shame about it. amazing

  • Miriah

    Oh I love her so much!

  • Dan

    Kristen Bell and Kate Hudson have like no boobs, but they're so hot everywhere else it just doesn't matter at all.

  • Slothie

    This is exactly how I feel about sloths. She is just too cute. Love her even more now.

  • vesper003

    Aww she was so cute. I love her reaction!!!

  • Beena Dorgan

    I love her now! She is a totally new type of awesome ^_^

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    […] in my chest – and I would not have changed a single thing. I thought of Kristen Bell and her excited sloth-related ‘breakdown’ (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it – it’s like permission-giving […]

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