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    *Green Tea is not good for women with thyroid problems!

    • flibble

      really? I had no idea! thankyou!

  • ydodonutshave2die

    #2 how about not having the font the same color as the food…

    • Lisa

      i love a good challenge…

  • kal

    This is quickly becoming my favorite post.

  • http://www.seoclerks.com/ Cristian Balau

    I just saved a couple of them, the ones about workouts. I'm not fat but I really lack in physical fitness. I really need to put myself into shape. So thanks, hope these will help me remember to work out!

  • Ella

    #20 is genius. I've lost ten pounds so far this year and I think this will really help me keep on track!

    • Lisa

      it's only february! i'm impressed

      • Ella

        Thanks! I still have about 70 to go but as long as Berry keeps doing these posts i'll have no problem!

    • Martyn

      I'm the same! As I live in the UK, I had an idea when I saw this. Instead of using stones or similar, I'll use pound coins. For every pound (lb) in weight I lose I will put one pound (£) into the other jar. My target is 30lbs (so I get down to about 170).

      When I've filled the jar with the £30, I'll go out and spend it on a new t-shirt or something else I like from my favorite shop.

  • redirish

    awesome post! searched & found the plate http://nutri-plate.com/

  • Cindy

    Pfffft. This post just reminds me I am out of shape and lazy. Awesome work ladies.

  • Alison

    #18 – It's the greatest instrument you'll ever own.

  • thechicgirl

    I go through theBerry every day, this is by far my favorite post. I have been out of shape since I quit smoking two years ago and seeing this is a massive motivation boost. Love theBerry!

    • itsashleybro

      congrats on quitting.

  • Mee

    #35 Yes I did… and I'm going to the gym after work TODAY!!

  • KelGreen

    Berry, this should become a regular post!

    • Martyn

      +1! Can we have it on Chive as well?

  • tomato

    #25 yes! i am going to start this tomorrow… well, in the spirit of #5 i'll start it when i get home from work:)

  • Beck

    Suddenly,I feel wornout and hungry

  • workout

    #17 is kind of misleading because meats and fish are not the only ones with protein. Lots of veggies have protein too! like broccoli, spinach, beans and nuts (and they dont come with all the bad fats either). We seem to think we need all the protein we can get but the truth is we need very little (depending on your body weight)

  • fff

    #1 you dont even need grains

  • the other OTHER Jen

    i requested posts like these:) THANKS, BERRY!

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #7 is from the Nike Training App which I TOTALLY recommend for a kick ass workout! It's honestly just fantastic! I've lost 6lbs so far this month! Many more to go, these posts really motivate me! Thanks Berry!

  • http://twitter.com/TrishSays_ @TrishSays_

    i am down some weight and #25 is perfect! Thank you BERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KMD

    Thanks Berry!! That run that I was too tired for after work? Yeah, this convinced me to go….and then I convinced someone else to go too!!:)

  • Sarah R.

    My most favorite new post from TheBerry! Keep it up:) If you could somehow make these types of posts more frequent, maybe more people would be motivated to lead this type of lifestyle or keep with it!:)

  • Katie

    Very nice, thank you

  • Bee

    I gotta say, I love these posts and they should be up more often. I could always use some healthy motivation!

  • klariss

    thank you im going to the gym now. i need to lose the 10lbs of alcohol weight !

  • lina

    love this post, especially the snack ideas. I was wondering if it was possible to post bigger pictures, cause it is really difficult to read some of the texts (e.g. the-2-day-cleanse)
    thank you!!

    • http://mission170.blogspot.com Martyn

      You should be able to increase the text size by zooming in on your browser (usually under View).

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