Daily Awww: You have always been this cool… (32 photos)

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  • Megan

    The number 20 picture….I think im in that. HA!

  • bluenotebetty

    #24 LOVE!

  • Katey

    These were all so great! So cute!

  • saricima

    #15 the museum has moved, but that gorilla is still there! ❤ SA tour guide
    viva la buckhorn!

    • RIch

      That's me in the pic. I loved that place and have a lot of great memories. Glad the gorilla is still standing after my awesome ninja shills!:)

  • Alex

    #17 that's me! Such a cutie!!!

  • Sima

    #11 is cute and could possibly become a new Internet meme! Intense!

  • KelGreen

    This is one of my fav posts =)

  • Daisy

    #1 gave me a flashback to my older brother and I at Drumheller! The T-rex made me hide behind my mom and cry.

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