Mystery Misc. (30 photos)

If you know any information about the artists in this photo gallery, email theberrysubmit[at]


com. I’d like to give credit where it’s due.

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  • Ricky

    #5 is by Marion Bolognesi. Her watercolor faces are unbelievable beautiful!

  • flibble

    #24 Piet Mondrian, between 1919 and 1940 ish.

  • tabitha

    #30 is fantastic, I love it!

  • kim

    you know, there's really no excuse for this anymore. i've posted, more than once, that it's an easy matter to find most artists simply by dropping an image into the google images search feature. i randomly picked your fifth picture and did so, and i found the artist ID within seconds. but you can't seem to be bothered to do that — before you PRINT THEIR IMAGES, WITHOUT CREDIT OR PERMISSION, on your page — FROM WHICH YOU EARN MONEY. THIS is the kind of thing that gives the people in washington a case to build things like SOPA on. this kind of thing could cost all of us the freedom of the internet. if you can't be bothered to take a few moments to find out whose art you're posting, DON'T POST IT. DON'T STEAL IT. in addition to the repercussions to the rest of us, you are STEALING from ARTISTS. you are making money off their work by using it without payment or credit (so they don't even get the value of PR) to further the reach of an income-producing website. if you can't see how wrong that is, then you parents didn't raise you right. and because i've said this to you before, and i've seen others say the same thing, i am OUT. i'm boycotting your website and i'm going to go to legitimate art and gallery sites and make them aware of what you're doing, and i hope you either get lawyered until you begin to post responsibly, or you get shut down.

    • KRoesel

      Well said Kim.

    • Molly

      while you're at it, hopefully you can find contact info for some of the artists she's ripping off.

    • Liz

      I will let kim speak for me. Brava, kim.

    • stephanie

      I couldn't agree more, isn't there copyright laws that protect these images? Sure hope so, because I'd say these artists would have a lovely court case against the theft of their creative property.

    • eruaistaniel

      Hey Kim, before you go attacking theberry, why don't you check out their Copyrights? Unfortunately for you, theberry getting "lawyer-ed" will not cause any harm to them, for theberry probably has a pretty dope lawyer. So enjoy your time boycotting theberry. 😀

      • kim

        as a writer who's often ripped off, i already know copyright law. and i know that the berry is in violation. what's more, because they've been advised several times about how they could AVOID being in violation, and yet continue to post artwork copyrighted artwork without permission or credit, they don't seem to particularly CARE that they're in violation of the law. and no matter how "dope" their lawyer may be, i can almost guarantee s/he won't hold a candle to the lawyers hired by, the warholian, and various other sites that represent the artists whose work the berry has repeatedly ripped off. s/he also won't hold a case, because the berry doesn't have a leg to stand on, unless they've swiped one from someone else. oh, and this will encourage you: among the people i spoke with today, one of them has turned this website in to the feds for copyright infringement. it might take a while to get going, but it'll get going, and, when it does, it will make things right. nice of you to have their back, though. honor among thieves, and all that, i guess.

      • kim

        also, and i'm asking this as gently as possible, because i'm assuming you're a nice person who just doesn't know what he or she has gotten into, but you don't really understand copyright law, do you? you realize that the copyright belongs to the artist, unless he or she has specifically sold all rights to a particular person. since emily/the berry disclaims the art here by calling it "pieces of art floating around the internet," and because she says she doesn't know who created it, i think we can safely assume she didn't purchase it from the artists or their representatives.

        if the berry posted these images and gave credit to the artists — just put their name next to their work — i would have figured it was good PR for the artists, and wouldn't have fussed about anything else — permission or payment. but that's not the case. worse, she tells US to go find the name of the artists whose work has brought us here, raising her traffic and, accordingly, raising the ad revenues she can charge, while the artists whose work she uses to do so get nothing, not even a polite "thank you." is that what you're defending, really? and, if it is, then why?

    • makers

      I have to wonder if you've brought this issue up with theBERRY. I've asked them to link my art before and they've posted it immediately. Many of these images are floating around the internet and are impossible to source. Boycott if you like but I don't think this is stealing at all, in fact it's a blanket generalization of theBERRY and it's fairly inaccurate. TheBERRY also posts a ton of original content which is subsequently posted on thousands of other blogs (are they also 'stealing'?).

      Their parents raised them just fine I think, and we'll all get through this together. But if you don't like it, maybe theBERRY just isn't the place for you. No biggie.

  • Lindda

    I must agree with poster kim above. It is way too easy to locate artists and give them credit in today's world. Why put that onus on your visitors? If you want to display it on your site, you take the initiative to find out who did it. Aren't you the one who is responsible for the content of your site?

  • Jill

    Stop stealing art. Really. I used to think your website was cool, but the thievery has changed that.

  • Ryan

    #27 is absolutely fantastic. Any idea where it's from?


    number 5 is by Marion Bolognesi from New York
    Her work is gorgeous!!


    And number 16 is Audrey Kawasai😀

  • Maria

    There really is no excuse for posting artwork without credit and permission. kim is correct. This is the kind of crap that gives SOPA/PIPA supporters ammunition.

  • amberflykezzie

    #5 is Marion Bolognesi and #16 is Audrey Kawasaki:)
    lovely post, but I wish we knew some of the artists….

  • KRoesel

    Kim is correct. Shame on you for stealing artwork. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Terri

    So… if you don't know whose work you're posting, where are you finding it? As Kim said, it's quite easy to find the artist and at least give credit. Truthfully, you should be asking permission to repost the work, since you are enjoying benefits from their creative works.

    What you're doing is morally wrong and quite possibly illegal. You may want to look into that before you continue to reap benefits from the work of others.

    You're requesting websites in your comments – why, exactly?

  • Laurie

    shame on this website for putting up artwork belonging to others and then leaving the work of credit being given to the readers… and in the comment sections.. those artists deserve credit BY THE PUBLISHER of this website… not its readers…. this is theft at it's lowest… by those who should know better…

  • Nicola

    Laziness and a complete lack of ethics. Quit asking your readers to do your work for you AFTER you've already made your income off theft.

  • Molly

    How hard IS it to locate an artist?! or if you can't then don't post the artwork. No one creates their work for your gain especially without even the least amount of recognition. It is stealing and it's wrong and there is something seriously wrong with you if you can't see that.

  • Shanon

    Do you give credit where credit is due for ANYTHING on this website? It seems like you've mastered the "copy image" command and are simply using the work of other people to make money.

  • Sandy

    I'm very unimpressed with your bullshit claim that you want to give credit. You clearly have made no effort to do so. I can only hope it doesn't fool anybody when you try and hide behind that obvious lie when you are inevitably sued for blatant theft.

  • Ta P

    Hmmmmm. If I knew who created the art, why would I need to come here to see it? And if I knew who created it, why would I tell you? So you can continue to steal it from them? I don't think so!

    ps: my name is too long or too short for you? Bahahahhaaa!

  • Mitch

    I agree with Kim. I'm also a writer who has gotten my work sent back to me in emails or on websites with my name not credited. It's not that hard to find out. If you can't, see whose site you're visiting, maybe you need to get people who can read working for you. Not just ones who can copy and paste.

  • Matt Hollingsworth

    Credit the artists. If you can't credit the artists, take the art down. You're making money on the back of other artist's hard work. Not only unethical, but illegal. I will take a look around and see which artists I know and contact them to report your site.

  • Caro

    Thievery is supposed to be glamorous and big scale. (Think "To Catch a Thief" or "The Thomas Crown Affair.") You're doing it wrong.

  • Katie

    Wow you guys (the people complaining) need to get a life. This website is about enjoying the wide range of photos and videos posted by the berry girls. If you don't like it then don't get on the website. You just put a damper on my day, you're trolling. Could they have done a little research, maybe? I wouldn't know how to find the artists. But their job is to entertain us and as far as I am concerned they do. Berry On!

    • kim

      you're not an artist, are you? you have no idea what it's like to work your butt off on a piece, pour your heart into — and then see someone else use it, make money off of it, and give you no credit for it. and WE put a damper on YOUR day? pffft, oh, so sorry if complaining about being RIPPED OFF bums your flow.

      you probably think there's nothing wrong with downloading music and movies you don't pay for, either — even though doing so takes money from the pockets of the recording engineers, the best boys, the gaffers and the sound mixers, the janitors and the cleaning crew — all the people who depend on that money to make a living and feed their children. you're the reason why the SOPA and PIPA bills almost passed. hey, but that's okay — make a living off of stealing from other people, or steal from them yourself so you can have a good time — that's what it's all about for people like you, right? your "entertainmemt" is all that matters. @@

  • #12 is mine! What a pleasant surprise! I have more if interested...thanks Berry! :-)


  • Lana

    #12 is one of mine! I'm on the Berry daily and I am never disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised and FLATTERED when I saw my artwork on here. Thanks Berry!

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