• Lindsey

    #32 … spelling is killing me … "Bet I KNOW…"

    • guest

      read it again…slowly…

  • mimi

    #38 haha no.
    that would make me a man

    • BritBerrier

      i was gonna say the same thing

    • Michelle

      Me too hahah

    • Katie

      I am proud to say that I have the desk top of a boy and the room of a girl. If I had to pick one of the extremes.

  • Seldi84

    #2 Someones been on the Berry i see.
    #28 Damn that is one cute and happy baby.
    #39 I love her hair.

  • Brenda

    Where is #37 from?

    • Alison

      It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

    • Maia

      It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Season 6. The Gang Buys a Boat. Dee is hilarious.

  • MsAnonymous

    #32 nope, still don't remember
    #38 bullshit

  • naturalredhead

    #4 Natural redheads don't need to do anything.

  • redredwine

    #20 how do I do that?

    • Katie

      My sister made these too. Take an orange, cut in half, empty all of the inside (we squeezed the insides and made orange juice), then make jello, pour into the halves and refrigerate like normal. To make jello shots like we did just take the amount of water you are supposed to use and do half water half vodka. When they are solid carefully cut into slices! Enjoy!

  • Nataly

    Um… #5… Yeah I don't care how young you supposedly look, I think you are HOT.

    • Adam

      thank ya kindly!

  • RandomScottishChick

    There you are again! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! ❤ Thanks Berry!

    • BritBerrier

      fuck yeah! scotland! and iain somerholder!

  • Susan

    #28 Made me laugh! What a cutie patootie!

    • Katie

      Seriously!!! Her parents should definitely frame that picture.

  • Alison

    #29 – why does he look so familiar!?

    • projectskinnyjeans2012

      Spiderman! Nom.

    • Kat

      He's Andrew Garfield! =D

  • ale

    #2 lovely couple… I expect they don´t end like heidi and seal… that´ll be sad.

  • krisbenson


    #36 We should be best friends😛

  • abbey

    #2 They're such a cute couple. #28 That baby is so adorable, that pic makes me happy. #30❤ You !!!

  • Haeddre

    #28 beyond beautiful!! Look at those eyelashes!

  • BritBerrier

    #9 i love that this has BARR'S Soda!! berry on from scotland!

  • theotherboy

    #3 where are these from????

    • Lisa

      I want to say they're Tory Burch? Not 100% sure

  • megthered

    Who are they<

    • KenniBakes

      Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

  • um?

    wow #4…toot your own horn much?

    • Lisa

      if my hair wasn't rebellious and evil maybe i could go 33 years without styling/dyeing it too. but not everyone is so lucky.

  • Jules

    #34 Every day. All day. Period.

  • theforgottenart

    #28 oh my gosh too cute!

  • kristinsatiable

    #38v awesome.
    #39 I wish I had the balls to do this!!

  • Maria

    I actually looked up the colors for #32
    then realized #33 was right below it…

  • LCT

    anybody know when or where Liz said this in #8? Can't find source anywhere, wondering what context.❤ Liz

  • Donnie

    #4?? Goody on you.

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