• Seldi84

    #2 That is so cool, where is that?
    #4 I want those socks.
    #8 Real life Boo is adorable.

  • Cas

    #19 No, Dan, no there isn't.

  • jenndawl

    #5 #15 Now I want to go hiking!!! Its suppose to pretty today! In the high 60s! Time to call out of work for good weather!

  • CeigeJay

    #5 Zhung Jia Jie, China! Absolutely one of the most breath taking places on Earth.

  • Jessica

    #16 makes me wanna start planning a trip to Noah's Ark in Wisconsin Dells.

  • mali_sapun

    #27 what kind of sorcery is this?

    • Mee

      Ooohhh the things I would do to sit down and have a few dinks with all of these guys…

  • Lisa

    #27 is an awesome pic but i can't help but think it must have been awkward to direct. "all right you guys, now act like you're awkwardly getting up from the table and leaving NPH with the check…GO"

    • TiaP

      I thought that maybe they just did it. They are a group of VERY funny guys.. maybe it was more of a candid shot and it just worked… I've done shoots like that before.. where random things happen and the picture ends up looking really great.. OR… they could have been told… "everyone leave NPH with the check". LOL

  • Caroline

    I know I've been there, but can't remember where it is (Switzerland.. perhaps?)

    • Becca

      Yep! It's in Lucerne

  • tomato

    #21 looks much more fake in this photo than on the show

    • Katie

      It looks so much smaller

  • Chelsea


    Front handspring step out, round-off backhandspring step-out, round-off back handspring, full-twisting layout… MISSY IS BANK!

  • Katie O

    #27 epic

  • Haley

    #16 I've been on that! It's quite fun.
    #24 I've been there! Its beautiful!!

  • Annie

    #10 Yeah congrats on being clever, but you're a horrible tipper. $3.14 is only about 11%….I hope service was shitty….

  • Ellington3


    BOO is the BEST!!!:)
    I love this!


  • Katie

    #12 awesome!

  • Erin

    I have it. It's great!

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