• Karri

    is now craving a grilled cheese and tuna and tomato soup and it's only 5:13 am. Thanks berry. :p

  • Ella

    My diet almost ran away on me. Thankfully I was able to catch it. Whew.

  • Ah duh

    # 27….LIESSSS

  • BeeCee

    #1 What kind of cheese is that?? Brie?? Looks so delicious

    • tomato

      looks like mozzarella

  • Haley

    #27 may have just changed my life

    • Trent

      Are you serious? Is she serious? First of all, almost all toasters have a safety shut off if it falls over. Second, have you ever even looked inside a toaster when you put something in it? If you do it won't be hard to figure out why this is a totally stupid idea.

      • Karen

        yes , but this could be an older model toast before the safety features were required

  • jasmine

    I am lactose intolerant.

    BRB, crying of hunger.

  • beauty&braids

    i can never make such yummy looking grilled sandwiches

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