• Jane

    #3 You lovely ladies look like you need an extra serving of pasta or another nice carb at your next meal.
    #27 That dress looks invincible.
    #11 and #19 DO WANT!!!

    • Coribeth

      Don't hate on the models. You wouldn't want them saying catty things to you. Beauty comes in many forms.

      • Sarah

        Yes just not the anorexic form.

        • doerte

          I'm almost that skinny and I'm not anorexic.😡

      • Deanna

        Blech, get off your soapbox honey. You have no idea what you're saying.

  • Coribeth

    #26 Report to my closet immediately.

  • Kimmy

    #19 WANT!!!

  • Ellington3

    Would make a wonderful wedding gown.
    It is so elegant and simple.:)

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