I can’t get ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ out of my head (watch)

Robyn has a song called ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ and a talented group of Swedish ladies called Erato redid the song using buttercups. But then some guy trumped them with an awesome version that he must have practiced for days.

Erato – Call Your Girlfriend

Random Dude – Call Your Girlfriend

Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend

  • llano2

    Seen this before. Must of been at theChive.

  • Mattie

    Some people apparently have too much time on their hands!

  • Lisa

    Didn't watch it when it was on the Chive, glad I decided to here. That was hilarious.

  • Bellevanilla

    What the hell is up with the girl in the middle's outfit?

    • livexstatic

      really? they look normal compared to Robyn's outfit. Who killed Sasquatch?

  • livexstatic

    Oh man, ya got me. I thought it was gonna be legit hahaha

  • Angus

    I’m one the six! This pterty much coervs all of the highlights of my day except for the dress part since I was in a tux. I hope we all meet again to cause another scene!

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