Megan Resig

Megan Resig is Head of The Berry, loves to travel and embraces awkward moments. She's a sucker for chick-flicks and isn't afraid to admit that her nickname was once meg-a-ton.

  • Jane

    #3 #9 #16 or #18 One of you needs to marry me and we'll have lots of babies.

  • Nath

    #5 #21
    Thanks Berry!

  • jenndawl

    #8 Dibs!

  • judy

    OMW – one of the best posts ever. thanks berry ladies for making a yuck day brighter😀

  • Zelda

    #22 Classic, thank you Mr. Franco

    • itsashleybro

      I love him.

  • Katie

    #4 thought this is going to be a gif

  • JaxGirl

    Berry, for the love of all that is Bad Boy Sexiness…Mega Post or Afternoon Eye Candy Ian Somerhalder?
    Please?! I might develop a st st stutter if you don't…❤

    • Sarah

      Had to look him up because I honestly didn't know who he was…. HOT DAMN! Yes please!

  • itsashleybro

    #10, #15, #18.❤

  • VampJenn

    #16 i think Chris is hotter than Liam by far. just my opinion.

    • zpadilla

      agreed. so manly😀

  • VampJenn

    oh also #21 SWOON!!!!!!

  • @crazyjayzy

    ** Drooling……..

  • abbey

    #18 #19 This post made my morning:)

  • Angie

    thank you berry for making my day! (:

  • Dawnabelle

    #21 #23 thank you berry

  • Maia

    #6 Sigh

  • Guest-ee-poo

    someones squeeze me in between #9 #23

  • Haley

    Berry, this post is full of everything I love. Thank you.

  • the other OTHER Jen

    #2 and #23 GOD DAMN!

  • Variety of Life

    What was this, the brunette white guy addition?
    I guess now we know Megan's taste in dudes, but how about we start mixing things up?

  • jasmine

    Is it me or does #23 look like Mel Gibson?

  • Melissa

    Bless this post! Love!



  • rocklesson86

    I want to Nom Nom Nom on the guys.

    • carla

      me too!!!

  • guru


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