• AnnaR86

    This is way more entertaining than the ''no make-up'' photos.

    • Hailey

      It makes them seem more normal.:)

  • Mani

    #14 is actually cute😀

  • SLB

    #6 I think someone would have to try really hard to make Selena look bad:)

  • Katie

    #12 Made me laugh

  • amandiola

    I love watching her cry #1

    • Winnie

      She really does have an ugly crying face.

      • Aly

        Cause it's plastic!

  • random

    #5, oh, britney. sigh.

  • mimi

    #2 awesome dress

    I'm so glad I'm not a celebrity. This is what I look like in all my pics

  • may

    #1 botox

    #2 gross

  • iloveserjtankian

    Can't we have one day without Kim Kardashian!!!!!!!

  • u go girl

    #9 J.lo is really rocking this picture

  • aaa

    #13 ugly as shit

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