• Farrukh Pervaiz




  • Henry Winkler


  • JOHN

    wow ke$ha looks like someone I would actually want to have sex with*

    *things I would not have said 2 years ago

    • the other OTHER Jen

      its funny what a little bit of makeup and some breast implants will do.

  • Lisa

    #7: still looks like a llama, just now he looks like a llama on roids

    • KenniBakes

      He's got more of an alpaca face if you ask me.

  • oofale

    #10 proof time does not always make things wonderful..

  • Evelyn

    most of these were really not funny =/ only chuckled at #11 and #13

  • ucallmedr_jones

    Dumbest captions ever. TheChive's are way better.

    • Kate

      what's the point of saying that? If you think the Chive's are better, than comment on theirs!

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