• wisemx

    Gosh, thanks…theBerry posted one for the boys😉

  • miss b

    I hope this "trend" goes out fast

    • bill


      • paul

        lol, no.

  • Stephanie

    Hmm… The majority of these ladies aren't really hipsters, but… interesting post!

    • Deanna

      Ya. Not really hipster. Just really tacky.

  • boozehoundbjorn

    such an unflattering look,…the silly attitude is even worse…

  • tibbyhonest

    I thought the berry didnt like hipsters?

  • Winnie

    #15 I really hate those sunglasses

    • paul

      But they're so pretty! @_@

  • Sarah

    So I'm confused. What differentiates one as a "hipster"? Tights tucked into ankle boots? That seems to be a predominant theme… and then just an "I don't care, I'm so cool" attitude?

  • Maren

    #19 just no

  • Portland

    This is a central casting idea of Hipster. I live in Portland, Oregon where people own goats and bees, have 1800's beards, host showings of their paintings at 7-11's, librarians are inked and badass, roller derby queens knit, and everything is made of bacon or has a moustache. If you want to hipster-up the photos, add chickens and a bear costume.

  • judy

    Uh no. Just no

  • Katie

    Glad to say I wouldn't be caught dead in any of these clothes

  • http://tpt94.blogg.no Live

    Wtf is wrong with people? I really love this type of style! I think all the girls are gorgeous!

    • paul

      You're not the only one. These clothes are great!!!

  • Alex

    this is an awful style! it looks like a fashionable clown from the 70s had a head on collision with the 90s :[

    • Dijah

      That's not always a bad thing . With me I clearly see that fashion repeats itself . I am similar to this style of wear but it's one of it is too mainstream which makes me dislike most of it. But ito personally don't think it's an 'awful' style.

  • jamilex

    Where can u find these clothes?

  • http://www.vintagroyal.tumblr.com Roya

    hey I shop at Evelyn Rose in West Seattle, I also shop at Between Friends in Bellevue. These vintage and thrift stores are wonderful vintage shops! :)

  • Dijah

    Okay I think it's wrong to associate dress wear with attitude. Not all people who dress this way partake in some type of attitude. If so they need to get real. Many many girls at my old school were dressing like this only because the main stores sold these clothes such as Urban Outfitters, Rainbow, American Eagle, very popular stores teens where I live shop at. And plus they get these ideas from tv stars and musicians mostly on my end. And non of them even listen to indie rock just regular 'black' loud people. Since everyone else was doing it, I really had a dislike for it. They look like clones

  • http://sweetenedinspirations.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/hipster-sweater/ Hipster Sweater | Sew Jo {Sweetened Inspirations}

    […] you’re not familiar with it, some examples can be seen HERE, HERE, and the definition of the term […]

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