• captain thunderbolt

    Giggidy giggidy giggidy

  • Seldi84

    #1 Weird.
    #5 Genius
    #12 Douchey
    #19 Awesome.

  • MsAnonymous

    #13 useful
    #19 want

  • susan

    #18 Before nerf guns we played with potato guns. They are awesome!!

  • Uncaring Panda

    #28 I own this and it is awesome. The only problem is that my lips actually get drier because I lick it all off… Totally worth it.

  • Lindsey

    #18 Potato guns are great! Like nerf guns, but you don't even need to pick up the ammo again because it's biodegradable.

  • Kaede

    My mother-in-law brought back #17 in the Hello Kitty variety as well as the gold key. It is cute but sometimes a little annoying when you want to slip your phone into your pocket or a small purse.

  • Ely

    #6 Genius

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  • CeigeJay

    #1 Ew ew ew ew
    #5 Genius! A little color on a rainy day goes a long way.

  • April C.

    #14 Genius #18 Safe until it pokes an eye out!

  • bbf

    #10 i would use it only at home..

    • Katie

      I agree, the concept is good but as far as I'm concerned you are not loosing weight unless you are sweating and your heart rate is up, which is not something you want to do while at work wearing nice clothes.

  • Beck

    Ahhh yes, I often use tweezers to eat my sushi

  • Lisa

    #15 I'm terrified of lighting candles for that exact reason so I love this

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  • RobT

    #4 I'm guessing they had a brief meeting in the marketing room before changing the name from "Orange Flavoured Cock Sucker".

    • stevenfbrackett

      Those would be great to give away at Halloween

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #18 haven't seen one since i was kid in the 1960s. None of my kids had one – so i know they were't in the stores or i'd have bought them some.

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