• ShouldBeWorkin

    Way to make me cry before 9am. Just adorable. Thank you, and welcome home.

  • Heather

    Normally i hate these… but goddamn now i'm crying.

  • Nadley

    I instantly started crying when she did. Thanks a lot Berry, now I have to re-do my makeup!

  • RatedR401

    And now I'm crying!!!! Holy shit!

  • run26.2cl

    Dafuk Berry?! I'm in class and my eyes are all watery now. :$

  • ***

    I love homecoming videos:) & it warms my heart that everyone eating there was clapping and smiling for them. thank you for serving & welcome home:)

  • ArcGis

    Now everyone in the G.I.S lab is wondering what is so touching about ArcMap- yay for not doing lab.

  • Beck

    I'm not gonna cry… I'm not gonna cry
    Okay, I'm crying

  • Katie

    Wow that was extremely hard to not cry. Really didn't want to cry at work though. Had to look away lol

  • http://twitter.com/jennyrodo @jennyrodo

    Damn onions.

  • Tabi

    no..it's just the onion's in my soup.

  • Sagina

    Marines don't cry….there's OBVIOUSLY dust in my eyes…
    who am I kidding, I love these things, Happy Blessings to the Happy Couple!!

  • Laura

    From a fellow Military Spouse :
    Happy Homecoming. I'm so glad the your heart is beside you again.

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