• beegirl

    #25 – OMG! You are so good looking. Sorry to say your body is perfect, but the tattoo's take away from that.
    I'd date you either way. Thank you for your service.

    • canadian_bird

      agree to all of above minus comment on tattoos.

      • misslyon

        Agreed. Tattoos are hot. The glasses are pretty awesome, too.

    • ozi ozi ozi oi oi oi

      Are you people blind ..he is so full of steroids it`s not funny.
      Poke him with a pin and watch him fly around the room like a busted baloon.

      • Navy_Guy

        I'm pretty sure if you poke me with a pin I'm just going to bleed all over the place. We don't want that. Not on a Thursday.

        My size comes from years of battling tough genetics that want me to be fat, not the juice. I played American football for four years in college which we were drug tested, and then after college I competed in natural bodybuilding competitions, which were tested–and then I joined the Navy…which is tested.

        Above all things my health is important to me and I live a very active, drug -free lifestyle.

        Thank you for your concern, and thanks to everyone else for the kind words!

  • Katie

    #37 Fun idea for new years or something special like that

  • theotherboy

    #8 it's the simple things in life. I know you smiled back :]

  • Underbaker

    #29 This happens so often to me now days, must be getting old or maybe finally starting to grow up.

  • mtella88

    #36 COKE!!!

    • Cat

      always COKE …

      • mtella88

        More than always!!!

  • Dawnabelle

    Awesome berry break today Ladies

  • Seldi84

    #32 I love finding random fivers in my jeans or jackets.
    #38 & #39 It makes you feel epic if that happens. less so if you laugh first.

    • bubblerider86

      one time i found $20 in a jacket i was wearing….BEST DAY EVER!!:)

  • Ah duh

    Pepsi all the way!! The debate continues….

  • Emm422


    Lordy, lordy!

  • Lisa

    #36 Coke ftw! And I think any bottles taste better than the can #35

  • canadian_bird

    #23 isn't quite right…good effort though…

  • Jay

    WHO is #17?! and #25 tattoos and all…you are a F****** stud. Thank you for your service!

    • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

      Pretty sure 17 is young Matt Dillon.

  • simchick1016

    #36 – Am I the only one who thinks Coke is over-carbonated and Pepsi conquers all?😀

    • Kelly

      Dr. Pepper actually conquers both Coke and Pepsi:)

      • Danielle

        Dr. Pepper has to be the best soda ever!!!

      • Tiff


    • Maberham

      You're not alone! Pepsi over coke any day!

    • LikestoBerry


  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    I just watched Darjeeling Limited, yay! Fun stuff, aaand Jason Schwartzman :p

  • Aviatrix

    #25 Love the glasses, but lay off the roids just a little there buddy

  • lady face

    Oh my goodness # 25 perfect man!! Huge muscles+glasses= marry me!!

  • Smurfy

    #11 Forest loved Jenny more than she deserved.😦

    • Kimmy

      Jenny was damaged, damaged, damaged…

  • Trent

    #36 I could take either, but Diet Coke owns Diet Pepsi.

  • TiaP

    More Goob please… ♥ him!
    And COKE.. always beats Pepsi. Hands down.

  • Dee

    #2 …I've always wanted one of these books, can someone please tell me what they are called?:)

  • daveh873

    That's what you get for banging Twilight vampires

  • Jessiicaaa

    #36 PEPSI!!!!!

  • Brandi

    #17, thank you! People always think I'm crazy when I try to point it out an map…lol

  • Brandi

    Crud, I meant #28

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