• Courtney

    I don't get #7 ??????

    • Katie

      = dangerous

      • Katie

        Opps I see your correction now

      • Spatula

        and how did it even get there?

  • Courtney

    I meant #6 sorry

    • Fin

      I think it's just the fact it's a blatant rip off of Taco Bell including a BELL. Unless I'm also missing something.:) (HIGHLY possible)

      • Fin

        Or maybe it IS Taco Bell in which case, ignore me. Who knows? I just got up. My brain is not functioning. Need some HMoTB and coffee to wake me up!

        • Susan

          I think I need some of the same Fin. Other than those things look kind of nasty I'm not sure I get it either.

      • tomato

        I think it's the fact that the restaurant is called "First Meal" and that they are only "now" open for breakfast. (but i too stared at this for a long time trying to figure it out)

    • Chan

      I am also confused.

      • Chan

        Also, it is definitely Taco Bell. I have no real clue. The bell kinda looks like a boob and your first meal was from a boob? Seems like a stretch but it's all I got.

        • yann

          guess it's just to eat a BURRITO for BREAKFAST???? sure cold pizza after hangover… but BURRITOS????

          • Underbaker

            Breakfast Burritos are pretty common in San Antonio, also doesn't Sonic serve them? Basically just an oversize Breakfast Taco.

    • Katie

      Yeah I don't get it, that looks pretty yummy actually lol

    • heyo

      folks, it is merely suggesting the awesomeness of taco bell having a breakfast menu for the first time in their history…yes, some taco bell locations now have a breakfast menu…they are calling it "first meal" to play off their previous ads using "fourth meal"

      • Smurfy

        Like someone else said, I thought it was bc it's called First Meal and they are "now" serving breakfast. Kinda like if you saw a sign that said "IHOP, now serving pancakes!" You'd think a place called First Meal would serve breakfast.

    • rphilman1

      Yes, it is Taco Bell. The WTF is who would think of Taco Bell for breakfast? Anyways: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-daily-meal/taco

  • Michelle

    #28 You just got knocked the FUCK OUT!

    • david

      hahaha that dude was looking forward the entire time! why did he not stop sooner!?!?!

    • tomato

      i like the guy in the orange's reaction

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  • jenndawl

    #12 I would buy and proudly wear that sweatshirt, just to see people's reactions!!

    • http://www.fedflamingo.blogspot.com Karoline

      Me too!

      • Stormira

        Being from a Canadian family and raised in Florida, my family would get a kick out of this!

    • Katie

      is like the mislabeled states shirts from the chivery

      • rphilman1

        Exactly what I thought. :)

  • Seldi84

    #26 She's not going to regret that at all.

    • Lisa

      I'm going to pretend this is a joke/photoshop because otherwise I give up.

    • theotherboy

      Losing faith in humanity by the minute :p

    • TiaP


  • Lisa

    #28 I could seriously watch this all day

  • yeho

    I don't get #3…is it suggesting an insulin pump should have a built in pedometer or is this just a pedobear joke?

    • tomato

      i think just someone in advertising who doesn't know the difference between a pedometer and an insulin pump

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    I am laughing really hard at #16😀

  • Shar11

    #9….omg…ok…someone clearly wasn't thinking straight!

  • Heather

    I suspect that this restroom door has electrified glass that turns frosted when you enter the stall & lock the door. I've seen them in restaurants in Philadelphia & on HGTV shows – it's actually pretty damn cool! Unless I'm missing something else in the photo…..

    • rphilman1

      Interesting, I did not know that. That makes sense because then if you saw the glass was not frosted (and you could obviously see inside) you would know the bathroom is not occupied. Pretty cool!

  • tomato

    #18 it's ok Mike- we still love you:)

  • Slowion1/2

    #8 Awe

  • Kimmy


  • P90

    #18 'You've got red on you'

    • Cindy

      Hahaha. You just read my mind!

  • Edd

    #10 When I was a bagger I would take shit like this down and then tell my boss to replace it.

    #16 Good to see that the murderer from Black Christmas is still getting work

  • Sean

    #30 Root of all evil.

  • judy

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