Afternoon eye candy: Michael Fassbender (29 photos)

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  • peach10964

    Can tomorrow's eye candy please feature abs and arms??? Shirtless is my favorite eye candy

  • kneehigh


    I can't get over Fassbender's smile: it's kinda awkward, in a way that makes you think you could TOTALLY run into him at a party or something…

  • Meeeee

    #28 ………………….. woah..

  • Mallory

    Why does he wear clothes so often?! Keep the shirt OFF!

  • Heather

    #21 & #26…He laughs with everything he has & THAT is sexy as hell!!!

  • Dana

    I just want to lick him all over!!!!

  • Beena Dorgan

    Yippie it's the handsome Shark!!!!

  • bh4q


  • Miriah

    he is soooo sexy

  • lucy

    Sooo sooo hot! #21 #14 #15

  • Mal

    Love how he looks in X-Men!!

  • brandy


  • Lola

    that smile + laugh = *swoons*

  • Kat

    So glad everyone chose him today. Sexiest man alive.
    I mean, seriously?!

  • LOL

    #6 swoon

  • Ellington3

    He is just so very VERY!:)

  • Aviatrix

    Thank you so much Berry! He just oozes sex appeal.

  • missb

    LOVE him

  • jasmine

    Come to mama.
    Holy cow,
    that man's laugh.❤

  • Ashley

    Sweet jesus

  • Ali

    holy crap. whatta hunk.❤

  • rocklesson86

    Me like!!!!!!

  • nasser irfan

    its pretty disappointing for those who love their stars being named sharks,ginger or something like that.i believe we should never add any thing derogatory which apparently may have meaning for those using it for the sake of mere fun.i like michael. therefore ,i will never like to read such things about him.

  • Francesca B

    Every other man on the planet seems so damn boring. Such a natural beauty – I could do UNSPEAKABLE things to him :))))

  • Sarah

    His smile. His laugh. Oh my lord. That man makes me melt!

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