• mcs

    #16 #27 FIND THEM

    • I don't want to

      Please, please, PLEASE!! Who is that swimmer?!?!?!?

      • RandomScottishChick

        His name is Bernardo Velasco – google him and check out the images. Dude's and underwear model:)

  • thaomeow

    #10. Yummy.:)

  • aciekay

    #15 yes. #17 …well, hot damn.

  • Mallory

    TGFSF……Thank GOD for shirtless Friday!!! haha!

  • Jentheoriginal


  • Meeeee

    #4 is just plain perfect!! And Tom Hardy….. goddaaammmmn he's so hot!! #15

  • onlyme

    umm is it just me or do a lot of these just look like young guys who look good cause they're young. i'm young myself, but i wouldn't qualify them as hot men. just my opinion. #15 is hot tho

  • LOL

    #16 find him!

  • Heather

    Mother of GOD, Berry…..awesome Shirtless Friday Post!!! #21, Please report to my bedroom IMMEDIATELY!!!

  • Chiver811

    What’s the point of submitting photos if every week there’s nothing but airbrushed professional models on the HMOTB??

  • Caitlyn

    I would let any one of these men borrow my Doctor Who box set.

  • Katie O

    I'm feeling things….

  • Rachel

    #29 holy shit…

  • Suz129

    How much would would a would chuck chuck? All of 'em!

  • cer895

    I would love to wake up to #6

  • jay

    #1 Want. Want. Want.:)

  • Ellington3

    Nole is great!
    But hey how about a Rafa Nadal post sometime soon PLEASE!:)

  • Scout

    #13 Smilimg makes a guy 75% hotter.:)

  • Scout


  • Hope

    FIND #10!!

    • elo

      i think thats harry shum jr.

  • Agnes

    #15 and #29 ….
    Berry I must say whenever I play catch up for the day, I always save Shirtless Fridays for last….like an awesome dessert after a great meal! Oh and I'd also like to point out that when Number 29 throws off his shirt and struts it, it makes me fall in love with each time.

  • Chubby

    #22 Is that Zac Effron?

  • elo

    please eye candy of #9 and #14😀

  • Maia

    #15 Dear God Thank You for Tom Hardy. Amen

  • luana

    #20 find him:)

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