• ashbash

    MOAR #14 maybe just a huge post, pleaaase!!!!!

    • bubblerider86

      i can stare at him all day!! ^_^

  • Jenny

    I’m gonna take a cute DAR tattoo pic.:) I’ll be on here soon enough. Chive love❤

  • Sophia

    no. 7

    Well thanks for ruining all the tasty snacks (even FRUIT!) by showing us the sugar consumption for each one. That's just something some people don't want to know about. haha😛

    • Lisa

      Right? And when I want a Snickers, I am going to eat a damn Snickers and I'm pretty sure a…bowl of ketchup…is not an acceptable substitute

    • http://lyndsaywasko.blogspot.com/ lyndsaywasko

      Luckily fruit has sugar that we break down slowly though, so we get more longterm energy from it.:)

  • Suey

    #7 That explains why Mt Dew is so darn delicious!!

  • Mary

    That is all:)

  • foowa

    pretty good post today!

  • Seldi84

    #9 That is so cool, I want to try it.
    #17 That is how i sleep. Who's been watching me sleep……. I'm scared.

  • bubblerider86

    #17 no matter what position i fall asleep in, this is how i always wake up!!

  • doerte

    #23 if his personality is as amazing as his looks, you're a very lucky girl!

    • Mary

      Hes incredible:) thanks

    • Emma

      yeah, hes such a great guy:) easy on the eyes as well!

  • flibble

    #4 I made that…. the kid, and the card.

    • Mmm_Ciao

      Well done!

  • jane

    why exactly does the cut fruit (apple/peach) have less sugar than the whole?

  • jay

    #28 and #29
    These two = story of my (work) life

  • Erin

    Screw the bag. I want the arm decoration!

  • Stacey B.

    The skin has sugar

  • mali_sapun

    #33 that's all.

  • Kristara

    #14 Thanks for showing my favorite werewolf some love berry!❤

  • srhchlsn

    #11 Yes! The first time I watched this I had to keep pausing so I could laugh thoroughly at each funny part.

  • Amanda

    #5 #19 My ovaries just exploded.
    #27 Holy crap I want that outfit.
    #35 Even if I save them for my boyfriend, he just ends up taking them off with my pants😦

  • http://redbeardbrewer.blogspot.com reality

    #38 what they'll have to talk snookie out of from giving her kids.

  • http://www.alittlekingandiblog.com Shawntae

    #5 is actually my little boy and I took the picture. haha

  • http://twitter.com/novajellyfish @novajellyfish

    #7 after seeing the amount of sugar in Mountain Dew I really don't feel as bad about drinking Red Bull

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