In memory of Whitney Houston (32 photos)

Music pop-singer, Whitney Houston, was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel yesterday. Her cause of death is yet to be determined. However, the autopsy is scheduled for today. She will be missed...

Find out more information about her mysterious death at

  • incaunipocrit

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  • stars2012

    RIP whitney.. one of the best voices of all time

  • Gerri

    i had #17 and it kicked ass RIP Whitney

  • owl_love

    #32 RIP Whitney, best song in time.

  • Nathy

    in tears… 😦

  • Ellington3


    She was so talented and this news is so sad.😦

  • Jessica

    I feel like I didn't even realize the effect her songs had on me until now which is unfortunate. But her songs will live on. May she RIP !

  • Crea

    critics can say whatever they want, I loved Bodyguard… and she was such a lovable person, great wide smile, awesome voice… I don't know a single person who would say anything negative about her… she struggled with addiction like all great people who are bigger then life… she was loved and she will be missed…

    I was never a fan fan, but I cried when I heard the news

  • jamdan07

    The only good that can come from this tragedy is the message of the danger of drugs. She was a beautiful, talented, religious, icon and her fame will forever be scarred by her demons. Rip Whitney- at least your music will live on.

  • huh

    Not a big fan.

    • darkangellights

      If you wasn't a fan then wtf you come here for just to say that?… assholes like you make me sick this is

      for fans only you dogturd.

  • Abbey

    This is so sad. Whitney was one of the greatest voices ever. May she RIP and be singing with all the angels in heaven .

  • Minnie

    I really didn't think this would happen anytime soon. My hear goes out to her daughter.

    • punchy

      your hear or your HEART……!

      • CherrySoda08

        Way to be a douche.

  • Court

    # 7 Is the best I LOVE THEM BOTH!

  • betty


  • susan

    Not a fan but I could appreciate that voice and her rendition of the anthem can give you chills. She was radiant once, to bad the drugs dimmed all that.

  • darkangelights

    Song is so beautiful i love it i hope family guy feels bad for making fun of Whitney Houston

    she was such a good women what happened to her was not her fault people don’t know

    any of the hidden struggles and things she went though in her life we miss you r.i.p Dear


  • CobaltGumYum

    thanks for posting this berry…
    whitney is truly a legend.

  • Mmmm

    Damn. Whitney was so full of life and so fierce. Look at that smile, lady lit up a room. I remember being taken with her when I was just a kid and she first came out. And then I danced at the clubs to her in college. It's not right but it's ok.

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