Daily Awww: Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (39 photos)

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  • Susan

    #7 gorgeous dog.

  • misschris

    #11 Winston Mc Bun Bun III! You might just win for cutest, most original name!

    #16 Hehe, Ferret Beuller… I love it!

  • Cody

    #35 he looks so comfy! probably because you burned it

  • Abbey

    #25 Looks like my cat Sassy, except with shorter fur. My cat is also 16 and enjoys similar activities haha. They should be friends:)

  • Katie

    #5 #23 #32 All so cute. #16 I used to have ferrets, they are hilarious.

  • Temberlogan

    yay! #38 thats me and my baby!:)

  • Mmm_Ciao

    What kind of animal is that? #21

  • Ije

    A hot Winter Day . Coming from the Midwest where it's snowing, I'm extremely jealous of Valentino

  • aust[RALIA]

    a sugar glider, its an australian marsupial, they are like a small possum/squirrel with a membrane that stretches from their thumb to their big toe and when they stretch their back legs out it allows them to glide from trees

    • Mmm_Ciao

      Oh, haha. Silly me, I thought Sugar Glider was the name for whatever reason. Thanks for the answer!

  • Wet_tosti

    #1 nice of you you didn't get poes that euroshopper crap of AH ; )

  • Kimmy

    Beautiful pup!

  • amy

    #22 Yay Luxie Lou Who made it! She is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  • SadeShadz

    #31 Got me! Awwww❤

  • tcja4

    #39 reminds me of my blanket-loving kitty. Such sweet pictures! Happy Valentine's Day.

  • Leather & Lace

    #17 Okay…that picture made my eyes get 'cloudy'. It reminded me of the many pets I have held as they passed. Sorry for your loss. Animals love us in a way that humans can't…100% unconditional. Can see from the pic that he was loved.

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