I like a girl with a big spankable ass

    • Chris

      Totally agree there mate.

      A woman should look like a woman, not like Andrej Pejic.

  • JOHN

    #30 adequate rest, removal of complex carbohydrates, and flexibility. Trust me I'm in med school

    • HamSamich

      remove complex carbs? So simple surgars are the way to go? Where the hell are you in med school at.

      • JOHN

        complex carbohydrates includes those not found in fruits, or vegetables. Grains processed by machinery including things like corn or wheat are not easily digested by the body. They cause inflammation, irritation, and have been linked to long term damage of the brain. Alzheimer's disease and dementia are common.

      • om nom nom

        Probably a med school that steers clear of people who end sentences in prepositions.

      • PEI Chivette.

        Agree..Being in med school doesn't make you a nutritionist. Good try though.

    • Theresa

      No removal of carbs. The body needs carbohydrates to turn to glucose (the brain's preferred source of energy). Simplest advice= eat a rainbow of colors, know serving sizes, and work out 60 minutes per day. Trust me, I'm a nutritionist.

      • JOHN

        Go back to the primary sources and cross reference with data that covers ancestral eating habits. Trust me, I am smarter than a nutritionist.

      • Andy Valentine

        I'd agree with pretty much everything except the 60 minutes a day. It's significantly better to harder and shorter – 20 minutes a day will suffice if you're being efficient in that time. Trust me, I'm a personal trainer.

    • JOHN

      complex carbohydrates i.e. processed grains.

      • Liz

        Complex carbohydrates ie. starchy vegetables, whole grains, legumes, etc. Complex carbohydrates keep you full longer because the body takes longer to break them down. They also provide fiber and minerals. The same caloric intake from simple sugars (refined sugar, processed grains) provides less fiber and makes you hungry sooner, thus requiring more calories in the long run. A healthy diet suggests 40-60% daily calorie intake in COMPLEX carbohydrates.
        WTF kind of med school do you go to? Theresa is right.
        source: ANY medical-based nutrition website.

        • om nom nom

          I'm sure your websites supersede medical text in both accuracy and legitimacy.

  • chrisdg74

    #30 – Best workout tip? Do it with another person. The two of you can motivate each other.

    • Jentheoriginal

      other people slow me down sometimes bc im typically more awesome than the next person😉

    • http://mission170.blogspot.com Martyn

      It depends on who you do it with. I tend to zone out a bit when i workout. My wife and I went together for a while, and I found it disrupted my rhythm.

  • Abbey

    #23 I wish my butt was that toned !!! Time to hit the gym !!!

  • Shan Mon

    #30 – Working out *BEFORE* work gives me tons of energy through ought the day . Even if I just come in and work out for 30-40 mins to get a good sweat going. Opposed to going after work, this just forced me THINK about going all day which usually resulted with me deciding to skip it.

    Go to bed early, and wake up early. 3-4 days a week is all it takes. It's not hard once you have a routine.


    • jennymichele

      I've started doing this, when I can. Also, earlier workouts won't disrupt your sleep.

    • http://mission170.blogspot.com Martyn

      Agreed. I just find it hard to get out of bed sometimes.

  • OHChivette

    #30 when you're watching TV- do something active. whether it be planks, crunches, v-sits… even those days you want to just do nothing… do ONE things that will help your body, you'll NEVER regret it!

    • jennymichele

      I like to stretch while I'm watching TV.

  • projectskinnyjeans2012

    #13 I'm doing these as part of my workout, I'll admit they are hard but are getting easier!

    Again Berry, total win with this post! I love it. Thank you

  • LeahG

    I love this post!!! There's nothing I love more than lovely and strong people inspiring others. My tip: while working out, picture what you want to look like, you'll become more productive and reach your goals faster! Oh, and eliminate processed foods!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    #30: does anyone have tips on ab/core workouts that use free weights? i hate sit ups (they hurt my neck) and I have some free weights lying around that I want to use.

    • projectskinnyjeans2012

      Do you have an exercise ball? I do my sit ups on that with weights as I have a sore back…

      • Lisa

        woops yeah I should clarify I don't really have any other equipment. my apartment complex's gym is the size of a large closet, as is my apartment, so there's no room for much of anything.

    • Meeeee

      There is an app for iPhones called Nike Training Clubits free and its AMAZING!! A lot of great ways to switch up a workout and it has videos on how to properly do each move:)

      • Jentheoriginal

        russian twists, flutter kicks, frog sit ups, planks. google any of these to see what they are!

      • Lisa

        I just want to let you know that I downloaded this app and tried it out yesterday and I LOVE it! Exactly what I needed:)

    • Andy Valentine

      Hold a weight out at arms length in front of you and twist side to side – Russian Twists
      Or, do it from the ground (at 45 degrees) to above your head (the opposite 45 degrees) – Reverse Woodchoppers.

      If your goal is to show off abs more and flatten your stomach, the important thing is to get your body fat down. Try full body exercises like deep squats with shoulder presses and lunges with twists to get that core engaged and work the legs.

    • Liz

      Check out some Pilates videos from your library. There are so many great exercises that don't require any equipment and don't strain your neck.

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  • Meeeee

    Even though i have a boyfriend my valentines day date is with the gym!!! It's gonna be hot and sweaty and awesome😀 I might also do #28

  • oofale

    #30 – crossfit!

  • Jentheoriginal

    you go girl!

  • Jentheoriginal

    #30 interval work outs. alternating between weights, cardio and abs!

  • Jena

    #30 =
    Swim for an hour at least 3 times a week….Just keep swimming!:)

  • HamSamich

    #30 Consistency is key. Give yourself a few weeks if you're trying something new. Give yourself enough rest. Allow a cheat meal not a cheat day. Keep in mind that you need to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb of fat. A day CAN undo over a week of effort.

    • Danielle

      I like to do cheat snacks 2-3 times a week. Usually something small like a couple squares of chocolate, or I'll do a small dessert.

  • kris

    #26 and #30 need to be t-shirts

    • http://mission170.blogspot.com Martyn

      When I get to my target weight, I'm gonna get myself one each of those two made.

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  • sam

    keep these posts coming berry!!😀

  • Thea

    it's funny, because I realized halfway through this post that i was munching on a chocolate bar. oops!

  • http://killingtimewithijahamran.wordpress.com/ ijahamran

    Reblogged this on Killing Time with Ijah Amran and commented:
    I have been slacking for almost 2 weeks now. After coming back from a short getaway last week I was sick due to an adverse reaction to medication and only got better yesterday. Planned to run today but…. I slept instead!

    So, here’s some motivation to get me kickstarted all over again.

  • Kate

    #30 – pulsing and lower halves to many workouts like squats, lunges, bicep curls, pushups, etc. make for a far better result when mixed in with the mentioned regular motions. It builds pressure in your muscles and makes the workout ten times harder and therefore ten times more rewarding.

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