• kirah

    did any one inform Lady gaga of this crap? im sure she will buy one of each

    • guest

      haha Yep!

  • SadeShadz

    #16 the only thing I'd wear there… o.O

  • Lisa

    why are designers getting paid millions to come up with this crap?? i'm sure i could come up with something equally ugly and stupid. where's my check?

  • Monica

    #19 must have!

  • bluenotebetty

    #13 is a beautiful dress if you lose the stupid sleeves.
    #9 also beautiful if you can look past the "artistic" crap…

  • Cat

    #8 psssh joke's on you guys. I'd wear that every day!

    • Sabrina

      I LOVE THAT! I'd totally wear that all the time too!

  • Cindy

    #14 I could never be a model – I wouldn't be able to pretend that a big Vagina sleeve dress made me feel beautiful

    • guest

      haha ditto!

  • itsashleybro

    I'd definitely wear #16 and #19.

  • Jessie

    #12 Fashion line for cat toys. #3 My 5th grade yearbook picture with butterfly clips. Thought I got rid of that. #14 What ever happened to wearing your heart on your sleeve? What a tramp! #20 Veddy nice Gypsy hawe mach?

  • elisa

    #12 looks like when Frodo is cocooned in LOTR 3…just saying

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