• Meeeee

    #26 should probably just be my boyfriend.

  • Nath


  • Randazzle

    His boyfriend probably wears a lot of these

    • thatswhathesaw

      are you saying a guy with a boyfriend picks out a majority of these pictures? and a majority of the other supposedy stereotypical "hmotb" who all have, for the most part, have the same physical traits?

      • Randazzle


    • rocklesson86

      Just because a guy dresses the way that shown in this is post doesn't mean that they have boyfriend. So I guess most of the men who live in my city are gay then huh?

  • wisemx

    Guy testimonial: When I wear boots, jeans, t-shirt and a leather biker jacket women often come up and compliment me on the look. I do it for myself but it's nice to please the ladies.😉

  • ashbash


  • SadeShadz

    #8 – not interested in the clothes though… oh la la la!😄

    • V for vagina

      so handsome, it almost hurts my eyes.

  • thaomeow

    #11, #26. Yes please.

    • thaomeow

      Also, can someone find #11?!

  • Sammie

    #26 OH MY GAAAAAAAWD!!!!
    and pretty please with a cherry on top, FIND #11

  • Aly


    Find him!!!!

  • JOHN

    #24 say what you want. but the Jonas Brothers know their way around a wardrobe

  • CierraMM

    #2 i am ALL OVER that mmmm:)

  • hoothootimcute

    I think I just fell in love with #11

  • http://twitter.com/Manningn @Manningn

    I would wear everything from #12 especially the blazer. You should find that Berry, please and thank you.

  • RafiFunk

    As a straight man looking through this thread, I only see two similarities throughout all the pictures. Layer your shirts….and workout. Clothes look better on small frames (not a big secret), and of course layering is encouraged by fashion…buy more products yayzzz…..lame.

    • art

      true story

    • DMD

      Some more trends
      – more comments are about the guy than the clothes
      – be extra thin ('working out' optional, starving yourself would work, too)
      – wear clothes that are too small (pants too short, jackets to small)

  • debbiebam

    #3 Ahh Jim Sturgess

  • maris

    Hey, the watch is only $709.95 CDN at Nordstorm. If you buy it for me, I'll wear it.

  • Tiff

    #3 definitely needs his own eye candy. Please!?

  • justin alec

    im a guy and id fuck da shit outta #11

  • http://redbeardbrewer.blogspot.com reality

    i will where most all these things, especially #15 but also with most all these things, i will incorporate my cowboy boats. true story.

  • Amy

    I've seen #11 posted before. FIND HIM NOW!!!!

  • Lindsey

    #10… DAMN.

    • Dorothy

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  • Yamtini

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